June 17, 2012

June 17th: burning time like it was money

Ok, hi! The title doesn't make any sense. But hey. Whatever.
Last night's post was INCREDIBLE! Don't you agree? I was so drunk the only thing I could do was take a horrible instagram shot of what I was wearing. Spelling out the word 'night' took me about 15 minutes and I fell asleep with my phone on my chest. Am very worried about the electro magnetic waves right now.

How is everyone's weekend going? As mentioned above I had a bit of a wine-incident last night, which resulted in some coordination problems, emotional outbursts and a LOT of instagramming. Should really leave my phone at home from now on. But anyway, as I am still considered to be in my early twenties (my wrinkles say otherwise!) I bounced back and rocked my household like a hooker pole today. Still have a day off tomorrow until I get back to slaving away...
I am onto a DIY and I promise it'll be posted here before noon tomorrow. I have a shirt, I have scissors and I have a whole lotta time on my hand so there's nothing that could stop me now. That is, unless I cut my fingers off or get an electro-magnetic infused heart attack. Knock on wood, everyone!

Since seeing all the amazing vintage furniture at my sis-in-law's place I can't stop thinking about getting a peacock chair as soon as we've moved into the new house.

all images via google
Changed my mind. I want a Peacock Chair Parade in pastel colours like in picture three.
Now I just gotta save some coin as the cheapest one on eBay is a whopping $ 175. I'm sure I can score one in a second hand shop for less than that. Give me a can of mint green spray paint and I'm all over this.
Uhm, ok...they might be rarer than I thought. There are about 300 "Wanted"-ads on Gumtree for peacock chairs. ...Looks like I'll just have to raid IKEA for something similar...

Other than that I have been wanting a vanity table for a while. Well...which girl hasn't, am I right?

via google. again.
During council collection a couple of months ago I saw a red one without a mirror, but it had a little heart carved into the front. I was on my way to work so couldn't pick it up and put it in my car and by the time I got home it was gone. Woodwork is one of the things I'd like to learn before I die so I might just make a replica of the one that got away. One day.

I am not getting one of these though until I have done some sort of a make-up course. I am hopeless. Whenever I apply eyeliner Dan laughs at me. I always end up looking like I have a gigantic and a tiny eye. Just can't get it right. And this whole eyebrow grooming trend has taking me by surprise. Now all the 15 year olds are better with make-up than me. But then...as a European I don't really need that much cake on my face anyway. It's an Australian thing to waste time and money on looking like someone you're not...but then...everyone has the right to look what society perceives as hot.
Two super young girls I work with were shocked when I told them I have never worn fake eyelashes before, except for this one time, when I dressed up as "Alex" from "Clockwork Orange" for a Halloween Party.
can you tell Dan's dressed up as Benny Hill?

Unfortunately they didn't know who Anthony Burgess was. But hey, at least they can teach me how to apply blush so that when I pout in photos, I can get a 'Lara Bingle cheek bones'-effect!
Because that's all I ever wanted to achieve in life....

Lols, I just got side tracked and looked through some Brisbane venue's photos on facebook. Love checking out the clientel. Looks like I have to start practicing that damn pigeon toe and pouty mouth before I ever go out in the city again. Sad to see everyone looks the same these days.

Ah..people are still sheep. But that's ok. Makes being a wolf even easier and more appealing.

X and Cookies&Cream