June 04, 2012

June 4th: Girls talk

Hey there! Back again I am.

I had a late night rant about the stupidity of women's magazines. I decided not to post it because at 10 pm I am neither able to correct spelling mistakes nor can I bundle my thoughts properly. Also I am probably going to transform it from a post into an article and hand it in for my next assignment. I will definitely post it here after I hand it in because it's something I really care about. I am a feminist through and through and I always was, I just never could see stuff as clearly as I can now. I sometimes wish I had this clarity of who I am when I was a teenager. The things people got away with when I was young and naive, just because I couldn't identify them as sexism and misogyny...I usually thought something was wrong with me and not with them. Ah well...I am grateful to know my place in the world now and I will not shy back from pointing out every song lyric, book title and sexist remark, until the day I die.
Something I also consider very important, is to spread the word. I am not a writer and there are people who can bundle thoughts and juggle words a lot better than me so don't hesitate to ask which pages I frequent.
Here is a blog I read every day that has completely and utterly changed my way of thinking.


If you're not following her yet, you better get going!
Her blog has actually changed my relationship to myself and definitely improved my other relationships. You can't love anyone else if you don't love yourself, right? It totally transformed me from a misogynistic jealousy-riddled girl who was scared of showing 'girlyness' at any time into a strong feminist and feminine woman (YES the two can go hand in hand!!!). The first time I ended up on her site I got put off by all the pink, the selfies, the glitter. I actually thought she was self-absorbed and unintelligent (prejudices much?). I gave reading a go and instantly felt extremely inspired. Since I started reading her blog I not only feel so much more comfortable in my own skin, I also have SO much less problems dealing with other women. Rather than being anxious about being worth less than them, I am now aware of my own strength and am happy for them to be beautiful, successful and creative. I don't feel the need to compare myself to anybody else and I don't feel threatened by another woman's presence anymore. This is something that has haunted me all my teenage years. I was always one of the 'I don't have female friends' - tomboys. I always thought not hanging out with girls automatically made me be better then them, when I was actually afraid they would turn out more interesting than me. I hated all the creative and funny girls. It is with great regret that I have missed out on so many experiences with great females but hey, I still (hopefully!) have a lot of time to make up for that.

A few other great women you should google are Rachael Rabbit White and Rachael Hill.

And of course I can't leave out my all time favourite website for interesting, educational and sometimes shocking articles and real-life reports, written by women for women.

I'm going to wrap this part of the post up now, for the sake of not killing the entirety of your attention span.

I promised photos of my new dresses. Heeere you goooo. I didn't feel in any mood today so excuse the weird filters/shitty poses/cut off legs/fastest gif speed available. I didn't even brush my hair today. Had one of those days....yup yup.

How to wash a dirty face- post coming tomorrow guys! I can't cram everything into the one post. Even if I wanted to :)
x and kiwi fruits.