June 08, 2012

June 8th: The stress!

Oh hi there! Sorry for the random posts recently. Or actually, I am not sorry. Random posts are a perfectly authentic mirror of my presently extremely confused self. I am not a happy camper at the moment. I am constantly confronted with full face - freeze and cold toilet seats. Not my favourite. It's worse if your Mum teases you on Skype about how hot and sunny it is back home. Thanks mum! What is this country? People keep talking about how it's not worth it to get good insulation and central heating here, because "it's only cold for 4 weeks or so anyway". The minute my nose turns purple and falls off and gets eaten by a half frozen rat I'll be at that person's doorstep and will be all "HAHAAA, I told you SO! Now see what a mess this face is without a nose...." OK..taking it too far here but I am seriously ALWAYS cold.
Good news though, I won't be a lone traveller on my next trip - my uniquo y exclusivo loverboy will come with me. Always handy to have someone with you on a plane. You don't have to worry about falling asleep on some random stranger and then doing the unavoidable on their clothes - the nasty dribble (and none of you who have ever been on a long-distance flight = 20 hrs plus can make me believe you haven't experienced the nasty dribble - not necessarily on a stranger but most certainly on your own pillow/blanket/seat).
This of course applies vice-versa. I have dribbled on my husband before, as has he on me. No shame or need for explanation there. I have also dribbled on one half of a freshly engaged Finnish couple before. I remember it like it was today. It was the extremely dreadful Melbourne-Dubai  14 hr flight with no good movies to watch and a fuck load of turbulence. AAaaaand I soaked the pullover sleeve of the poor person sitting next to me with my own personal saliva. We were both asleep OBVIOUSLY but I tell you what: there was more shame and "WTF?" than after a drunken one-night-stand when we both woke up and unlike after a drunken one-night stand, where you always have the possibility to fake your name and LEG IT I had absolutely NOWHERE to go. And another 7hrs ahead of me, next to the person I had just forced an outfit change upon. I imagine a dribble-sleeve to be rather uncomfortable, so I was understanding, yet even more ashamed when the person pulled a spare long sleeve out of the hand luggage and got changed. Oh the stuff you do on a plane...

Enough of my shameful anecdotes.

I came across this quote on amazing Rachael Hill's tumblr:

Loneliness makes things happen. It’s when you haven’t spoken to a soul for days, when your whole being feels possessed by the rage for company, that even the withdrawn social coward feels an invigorating rush of desperate courage. Then you start risking things you wouldn’t dare at home. Steeling yourself, you make that call; you go over to the stranger’s table; you gratefully accept the dubious invitation. This is how adventures begin. This is why people find themselves waking up in strange beds and don’t go home again.
Jonathan Raban

I love this quote because I  can entirely relate to it. I mean, the last sentence pretty much sums up the last two years of my life! Haha.

Alright kittens, I'm off to bed now. Ps: Have a look at this editorial. Uhm, amazing?