June 15, 2012

June 15th: telly and chocolate

Number 35 of my 43 work hours done for this week. Another 8 to go tomorrow and then I am free for two short days. Seems like we're going to do some ice skating on Sunday. Yay!! I am currently on extra strenght Aspro Clear in order to not feel like a pile of dung. Actually had an incredibly shit day at work and I am sure it will be an even worse day tomorrow. See, when you work in customer service you either have bearable or bad days, which usually depends greatly on your customers. Today wasn't a bad day, it was good old arsehole day. Oh I need a break!!! Aaaaand throwing in a few random photos because I can. Still feeling very disturbed after watching Prometheus on Tuesday. Slightly developing a  fascination for evolution theory and space....will most likely turn into a crazy lady with aluminium foil wrapped round my head.....

I bought a coat today....a warm one for once! Photos to come.
Not today though. Teen Wolf is on! Yay!