March 31, 2012

Day 31: No words

hobbit feet and toblerone. That's me for today. That's  march for this year

March 30, 2012

Day 30: LAME

Sitting on my desk secretly dancing to this song.
I am tired. More in a state of deliriousness.
Is there even such a word?

I love NERD and I always wanted to be the black model dancing in this video and
YES I might have spent one or the other afternoon dancing in front of my bedroom
mirror to this song, wishing I was said tall mocha model wearing the same chainy dress. The tricky leg move
at 2:17 was one of my favourites by the way.
More than once did I knock over the lamp on my night stand. I was clearly a teenage dickhead.
Ah nostalgia and self irony. What wonderful things you are!

"Someone give us some water in here"


March 29, 2012

Day 29: grand opening

Lolasaurus. I am the worst with nailpolish. I love the colours though and I reckon it would look quite lovely, if applied properly.
Am wearing: cheapy base coat in blue-green, sally hansen 'gem crush' in 'big money', sally hansen Xtreme shine top coat

And because it's so mermaid-y we're having a little mermaid parade here tonight.
Ohhh--aaaahhh. Do I hear shitloads of excitement?

all via google
Carindale opened today and it was balls crazy. So many people and so many little people - it was crazy exhausting too! Too much noise and crowds and kids screaming. Not to mention the people dressed up as Easter bunnies and pink chimpansees (what the??). Very exhausting. I cannot wait for the weekend to come!!! :)
Also won't be having Easter this year because of work so I will most likely be hanging around here a lot. Yay for me and yay for you!
Lots and lots of funky posts to come (funky???). Aha.

Ok, this is it. Seriously. I need sleep!! :)
PS: I am really digging 'Friends' at the moment. 
'when you see me walking around with him I'm not just another chick, I'm his GIRL!'


March 28, 2012

Day 28: Oh my GOD


I have a feeling today is going to be a good day!

March 27, 2012

Day 27: blank

What a day! Setting up a store sounded more fun than it turns out to be. Especially  because Westfield Carindale is undergoing some MAJOR construction and it's supposed to open on Thursday and there is noise and people in hard hats and high vis vests are buzzing around like busy ants. We are almost done but man, some of the shops are totally behind schedule...
Also much to my surprise New Zealand brand Glassons is opening a store there! I shopped there on my three stop-overs in Christchurch. You know...before it went crazy there with earthquakes. They have amazing basics at great prices. And just as I thought I was escaping all the temptation....

Also had a look into Dotti today and I am in love with their new collection.
My favourite look from their fall lookbook is this one:
didn't know untill just then that I needed a pair of dark green jeans.

Yes, I want one of these skater skirts without the annoying elastic band around the middle, but with a proper zip in the back. The hated elastic band is just not working out if you have what is called A WAIST!

 I ordered a couple of rings off ebay for fun and am quite positively surprised. They were around $ 2.00 each and I expected shit but I quite love them :)

Makes me feel good: skull ring and kitty ring: Ebay, tiny little phone box: london, strawberry freddo

I have just started wearing rings on  the top half of my finger. These ones are adjustable, so can be worn either way. The skull ring I ordered merely out of boredom and fun, but turns out it looks good on. And I am loving the heart-shaped eyes.

Alright, I'm gonna go do some stretching, to get some of these knots in my back.
Good night everyone!!! :)

March 26, 2012

Day 26: I got more than I bargained for

I was so excited to get the glitter nail polishes it was the first thing I did this morning, after the gym. Turns out they were sold out with everything but black, 1 bottle of gold and 1 bottle of awful red. I snatched a black and gold one but went a bit nuts in the bargain section - who could say no to brand nailpolish for 99 cents?

Revlon enamel in 913 Peach Nectar, L'oreal Resist & Shine in yellow, Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Glitz Gal and Big Money, Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in White on, Maybelline New York Mineral Blush in Soft Mauve

oooohhh. glitz.

I put the golden one on top of a very thin turquois base. Looks very mermaid-y, doesn't it?

I tried the Revlon Photoready mousse and was pretty disappointed. It's watery and sticky and doesn't give the great coverage it's supposed to give. Airbrush effect? Not really. And for forty dollars I would expect something that can at least compete with regular chemist brands.

I had a moment of realisation this morning, when a girl I thought couldn't be much older than me at the gym went to pick up her kid from child care.
I watched her as she stepped into the car with her baby on her arm, the windows full of 'my family'-stickers and for the first time I realised how FAR away from parenthood I still am (and so is Dan, thank fuck!). The reasons are quite simply: I am too selfish and too unfulfilled in terms of achievements and there's too much I want to do that simply isn't possible after you reproduce. There are things you can only do, when you have absolutely NO responsibility whatsover to anyone dependend on you. (a few examples for you: diving the great barrier reef during tiger shark season, sky diving, letting someone 'hack your iPhone' so your surprisingly professionally looking naked photos can leak and turn up everywhere, do porn and call it an 'art movie', apply for ANY reality show, open a shop, close a shop, try selling your selfmade shit on etsy, ...oh, the list is long!
Another thing I can't really get my head around is the fact, that parents seem to be on hallucinogens constantly. I present you with some proof here:
Things parents relate with parenthood:
  • baby smiles and makes me happy
  • baby smiles and makes me happy
  • baby smiles and makes me happy
  • baby smiles and makes me happy
Things everyone else relates to parenthood:
  • poo
  • vomit
  • foul smells
  • baby screaming
  • baby pissing on me
  • baby biting my nipples
  • baby making my tits saggy
  • baby making my belly flabby
  • baby stealing my sleep
  • baby stealing my sex life
  • baby wrecking my vagina
  • baby wrecking my bank account
  • baby wrecking my furniture
  • baby wrecking my wardrobe
Totally shouldn't think about reproducing any time soon.

an unbeatable combination.

March 25, 2012

You know where you'll find me tomorrow

images via google

Chemist Warehouse is selling the Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail enamels for an incredible $ 7.69 a bottle.
I am disappointed with all my OPI's (they tend to just peel off my whole nail at once and I am left with this jelly-like 'slice' of nailpolish) and Sally Hansen's enamels have proofen to be durable, chip-resistant and vibrant in colour. Now it's onto deciding which colours. I am already sold on the black and gold. The purple and blue are pretty irresitible too. I'll see how many are already sold out but at that price I'd be more than happy to get all of them. They're even cheaper than ebay. (!!!!!!!!)

Also they are having 15 % off all Revlon foundation and I so wanna try the Photoready Airbrush Mousse. (Thanks Emma Stone for talking me into this...) On top of that if you buy the foundation, they give you the matching powder for free. Oh my god, I am such a victim of advertising. Nothing get's me as excited as junk mail...

Ok, enough from me now. But I can't say bye without a bit of K-Pop to get you're metabolisms going. Do a little dance.

Day 25: Pygmy

via Google. Pygmy Seahorse. This is what I will become in my next life.
Lazy Sundays.
I had my last shift in the city yesterday and despite having to go back because I forgot pretty much everything I intended not to forget, I am very relieved and happy to be going back to Carindale and having a  small team again.

Also there is some serious construction work going on at Westfield so I am already very excited how it's going to end up looking. The new part is still closed off by heavy black curtains but I will get to see what's behind when we set up our new store. Exciting news!!!

I had to REALLY hold myself back yesterday after hearing from so many young customers, that they'd rather pay the $ 150 fine than vote. (in Australia if you're registered to vote and don't show up, you pay). I'm not a citizen and don't get me wrong, I am not an expert on Australian politics but hell, I know more than those people I had to talk to yesterday. This one girl stuck with me in particular, when she said: 'I don't even know the politicians names and what this election is all about'. She didn't quite know what politicians do either. Imagine me standing there in disbelief, trying to explain to her why it's important to vote and she just twirled her hair and shrugged her shoulders. What a future to look forward to! Hopefully she was an exception and most of the young Australians decided to vote after all.

I am quite sad Anna Bligh lost. She was pretty great and went far beyond her political duties during the floods and cyclone last year. But anyway...

Today I dedicated my life to reading Portia de Rossi's book 'Unbearable lightness'. It's been promoted quite a bit and I thought I'd give it a shot and can't quite get myself to put my Kindle down. It feels somewhat perverted to be entertained by someone else's mysery but hey, she's the one who put it in writing for everyone to see so I suppose I shouldn't feel too bad. On top of that she makes a shitload of money with it.

I sat out on the front patio and just as the sun started descending, I felt like taking a photo. There were hardly any sunny days in the last two weeks so I enjoyed every sun ray I could catch today.
 I also felt like taking a photo of an outfit I would wear, if I was home for Austrian summer this year. It'll be ok to wear with tights and boots in Aussie winter BUT I could see myself wearing it so much better at this year's  Noppen Air Festival.

tshirt: DIY, skirt: ebay, shoes: work, bag: sportsgirl, fedora: forever 21

March 24, 2012

Day 24: blues and greens

skirt and bag:
shoes: work

Oh I am in LOVE with the bag and skirt. As expected I have to squeeze into the skirt but it's absolutely beautiful and the quality is surprisingly good!
Also the bag came in a duffle bag and shipment was super quick. Really recommendable, if you want to get your hands on trends without having to pawn your wedding ring.

I woke up with the urge of
a) buying vintage furniture  (?) and
b) not going to work.

But as b) would exclude a) I will have to let you to it now.
Thanks guys.
See you later.

March 23, 2012

Day 23: And I'm like 'yeah, whatever'

thI had way too much to drink and eat today so this will be officially the worst blog post ever.

super expensive tiramisu at denim in Southbank. I feel sick now.

birthday present (AGAIN the birthday!) from beloved friends. this sounds awesome and fantastico.

this is my right shin. I slipped off the ladder today, hit both my shins on one of the steps with the force of both gravity and my body weight. I now have a dent and this lovely bloody scar, plus an armada of bruises down my calves. Ladders are a fantastic way to get yourself killed. I yelled something cuss cuss fucking shit and all the customers were disgusted with my swearing. Then I walked around in the shop holding onto my shins and tried very hard not to start crying or vomitting or both Wow, how painful. I totally deserved those 6000 kcals I ate today.

Now: Listen to this:

Tomorrow: Work and then dinner with the girls. Now: re-hydration and sleep.
PS: I got my cambridge satchel rip off and my blue green pleated chiffon skirt today. They are both very wonderful. Will show you tomorrow! Good night!

March 22, 2012

Day 22: goodies and lollipops

 gif creator
Gif creator

Got this sweet delicious phallus shaped lollie from one of my beloved co-workers. She is the cutest and most innocent  girl so when I saw it I just had to burst out  laughing. How can one NOT think of a penis when confronted with a long thick thing you can lick? Or am I just another offspring from a totally oversexed generation? I don't think so. Rainbow-coloured dick, yes please!

 I also got my birthday goodies from ASOS today. This was actually my first purchase from the website and I am pretty pleased with the delivery times. I am, however, a bit sour about how much they mark up the garments compared to store prices. Righto, I get that they have to cover costs for warehouses and shipping and logistics departments, their online maintenance etc. but that doesn't justify marking up the dress I bought by almost $ 10 compared to the price on the tag. I am pretty sure that despite the mentioned costs all the brands that Asos distributes and represents have to buy 'web space' on their website - just like suppliers have to buy shelf space in supermarkets in order to sell their products.
I'd rather they charge a small shipping fee than sneakily mark up the item by more than 20 percent.
The products, however, are of great quality (didn't expect anything less from Vero Moda) and I will be happy to purchase stuff again - but will most likely be looking out for the Asos 'homebrand', rather than buying other brands I could get elsewhere for cheaper. They do have really good promotions on from time to time though (like 20 percent off for 24 hrs etc) and offer student discount.

Anyway, here's the stuff I bought
I know, the picture could've done with a bit of lighting...a well, you can always look it up on the website if you want to see the details. It has a slit in the back and down the arms - very 70ies and I am in love with the print. It's a mature take on the floral print. Loving the autumn colours. Mustard and blonde hair is always a WIN!

the ring!!! Yes, I admit, it's enourmous and I can't quite decide if it looks more  like lego or a temple or pyramid. Whatever it is, it's fucking massive and spreads my fingers when I put it on and I am sure this can't be good for my hand's anatomy but hey, if we have learnt ONE thing it is that pain is an indicator for anything society perceives as 'good looking'.

I spent today avoiding the gym ONCE again and blaming it on the rain and lack of sunshine ONCE AGAIN and yes, I did finish that enourmous lollie today by myself. Moi, piglet.
Dan has bagged up a whopping 550 comics in little plastic bags, stacked them in what seemed like a cryptic order (geek-order?) and then neatly put them away in plastic tubs, equipped with several insect-repelling balls and powders. MAY NO ROACH EVER COME NEAR THEM!

See for yourself:

And to finish today with a visual overload I give you these two pearls you HAVE to watch and listen to. The puppets moved me to tears. Yes. That's a fact! Good night ladies and lads.


March 21, 2012

Day 21: Hey Hesher, this must be the place!

Yes, this is a muffin tray but hey, anything works for me.
This triangle ring and a pair of sandals are the only take on the aztec print trend from my side. I am OVER tight body con skirts in pink hues and navajo print SOOO much I cannot even put the boredom they release inside me into words.

Anyway, I am tired so will make this a short one.

If you watch anything anytime soon make it these two movies:

I have a thing for Sean Penn. Shit is crazy here. You have to watch it to understand.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Nuff said. And Natalie Portman produced it. Amazynga.

Now: Joseph-Parade:

He did a photo shoot with Claudia, for fucksake!!!
If you love the Seph, watch this movie too if you haven't already!!!

March 20, 2012

Day 20: feminista

Really enjoyed reading this after a 10 hr shift and some awful heel pain (OH MY GOD I'M DYING) and lemme tell you this: THAT means a lot!
I usually just flick through pictures after a day like this one so that speaks for itself. I have been convinced for a long time now that mysogony has found a new breeding ground, which is the female brain. I know I have already verbal-vomitted about this many times before but I just can't help it - there is still so much ignorance and hatred out there, it makes me physically ill.
Like, just throw the word 'plastic surgery' into a room full of insecure females, and they will throw themselves on it like a bunch of scavengers on a dead reindeer. Or so. It's like: 'Oh my god, you're such an anti-feminist if you get your tits done' or 'Plastic surgery is only for insecure girls who want to piss of other girls and attract men'.
I have literally NEVER heard any girl say: 'Whatever anyone wants to do with their lives/bodies is fine with me'. We are TRAINED to be judgemental just like sniffer dogs are trained to find pot in some hippies minivan.
It won't change unless people realise that there is something wrong with determining a person's worth by their looks. To some extend, it is even wrong to judge people on what they are doing with their lives, as long as they're not harming anyone else.

People, just take care of your own shit and stop hating. My 10 pm message of <3

BTW: Galadarling, you are living my dream life!

Speaking of which, how depressing is it, when a girl hands in her resume at work and she is practically doing EVERYTHING you want to do which includes writing for about a million of music and fashion blogs, hosting shows on 2 radio stations, doing street press and doing freelance photography, all while looking super awesome including pussy bow (pussy bow...aaaa....always makes me giggle!) blouse and shorts and undercut and what not.

I love her so much I want her to be  my best friend. Forever.


Also on my playlist: Die Antwoord (so bad it's...bad!) and this crazy shit

From Gyllenhaal with fencing love!

March 19, 2012

Day 19-2: More love for you

Couldn't wait  till tomorrow to share this belated birthday-maze with you. I know,...when will I shut up about by birthday, right? But seriously, it was GREAT! Who wouldn't brag?
I received this super sweet parcel in the mail today. me my in-laws!!!

Phone book galore. Lol. So bad it's good? No? ....Ok then. 

Dan affectionately calls it the Dildo.
But seriously, the smell is divine. I have been lusting after it for months and months now, and not just because Rosie Huntington-Whitley (aka 'The hottest babe with the hottest accent') is in the campaign. Although..I have to admit I waited for a split second to turn into a hard bodied british babe with lustrous locks when the first drops touched my skin. Oh, hello stupid. Turns out perfume doesn't change your DNA. One can dream though!
Looks like it's the treadmill all over again.....

On a side note:
No but seriously, Kat Dennings is actually an entertaining actress and I am really enjoying 2 Broke Girls. It's my guilty ghetto pleasure. And how funny is the Hipster/Homeless joke? Ahahaha.

Day 19: Triangle face DIY

Hello there fellow comrades.

I strongly felt like geometry today so  I went and started this DIY project. When walking past CUE the other day in the  city I saw this whole colour blocking black and white thing on a button up shirt and thought it looked good. No need to mentino I don't want to spend heaps of money on a shirt I can only wear one or two seasons so I thought I'd make this a DIY.

So here we go:

 You will need:
  1. Cotton t-shirt in any light colour
  2. Fabric paint - make sure this is not some cheapy but actual paint you can colour clothes with you intend to wear! Make sure it is washable and stays true to colour when it's dry too, otherwise this whole project would be a waste of money and time
  3. Applicator brush - this bristle brush works really well and is the perfect size
  4. pencil
  5. packing or any other type of wide tape (tip: make sure it doesn't leave any glue on your shirt when peeling off first!)
  6. measuring tape
  7. voodoo cat (for amusement purposes only)

STEP 1: Lay the shirt down flat and make sure there are no wrinkles and stuff. Straigthen the hemline.

STEP 2: To get a bit of symmetry into this, measure the lenght of the hemline, then divide by two

STEP 3: Mark the middle of the hemline with a pencil

STEP 4: Measure up straight from the pencil mark and choose a 'height' for your triangle.

STEP 5: Again, mark with a pencil

STEP 6: Use the tape to connect the 'height' mark with the left hand corner. Make sure the tape touches the mark.

STEP 7: Repeat on right hand side and stuff a piece of carton or newspaper between the back and front of the shirt. This avoids paint bleeding. If you happen to be a hobby alcoholic, you can stuff some Dan Murphy's junk mail in there. This has one major advantage - you can check out liquor prices and decide what to get fucked up on next, ALL WHILE you're being creative.

STEP 8: Make a paint tray out of something. In this case, I used something that was on its way to the bin. I thought I should get some actual use out of it before throwing it out. (Ah Cosmo...the most overrated and manipulative magazine there is.) The fun part can begin!!!

STEP 9: PAINT! Always recommendable: Paint the outline first! If using tape, put the brush onto it and brush inwards. This avoids the brush or even just small bristles to slip underneath the tape and mess  it all up. Very important, if you are working with darks and whites.

STEP 10: Look at  it in amazement!


STEP 12: Allow at least 5 hrs or so to dry, before taking off the tape. If you used good quality colour, it should just peel off with the tape without smudging the masterpiece. For drying times and washing instructions, just follow the instructions on the paint bottle. I will let this beauty dry flat for 1 day now before taking the paper out, and have to leave it for another 72 hrs before washing it. I recommend hand washing it seperately for the first two or three times to avoid any excess colour to stain the rest of the shirt or other garments.

SO there you go. Another masterpiece right there. And very budget friendly:

Colour: $ 5.99 per bottle (used 1/3)
Brush: $ 2.29 (of course this is reusable..but anyway...)
Shirt: $ 4.95
Total: $ 9.24

What do you think?