March 02, 2012

Day 2: work and play

Day two of the birthday month. I'm already horribly late for work so will make this a quick one!

I did a little 'project' this morning, involving some of  my favourite shoes I have accumulated over the past 12 months of working in a shoe shop.
It won't surprise anyone that I haven't worn most of them more often than once (if ever!!!) but there is just so much choice!!

I am a bit of a collector so if I like a pair I will buy it in every colour (and by 'buy' I mean use my budget vouchers and pay $ 2.50 on top of that...)
The Prada rip offs I have in nude, black, purple and fuchsia will be coming in in red, cobalt blue and leopard print soon. (today!)


speaking of low-commitment project. check out this website

I am going to Ric's tonight straight after work and I really REALLY hate picking an outfit in the morning and taking all my stuff to work (make up, straightener, shoes...). But I close at 9 pm tonight and there is no use of me going home before that. Anyway, still trying to figure out when and where to get changed. Bus booby and crotch flash anyone? I'd probably get arrested for that.

Anyway, I will be wearing these bricks of shoes on my bruised legs.

don't freak out about the bruises. I have no secret desire of self harm or abusive husband. I am one of those clumsy people who run into walls and all sorts of furniture, without even noticing. I cut my finger open once on a TV remote. True story.
Will be taking my camera but can't guarantee any photos of tonight. I am in that mood. :)