March 29, 2012

Day 29: grand opening

Lolasaurus. I am the worst with nailpolish. I love the colours though and I reckon it would look quite lovely, if applied properly.
Am wearing: cheapy base coat in blue-green, sally hansen 'gem crush' in 'big money', sally hansen Xtreme shine top coat

And because it's so mermaid-y we're having a little mermaid parade here tonight.
Ohhh--aaaahhh. Do I hear shitloads of excitement?

all via google
Carindale opened today and it was balls crazy. So many people and so many little people - it was crazy exhausting too! Too much noise and crowds and kids screaming. Not to mention the people dressed up as Easter bunnies and pink chimpansees (what the??). Very exhausting. I cannot wait for the weekend to come!!! :)
Also won't be having Easter this year because of work so I will most likely be hanging around here a lot. Yay for me and yay for you!
Lots and lots of funky posts to come (funky???). Aha.

Ok, this is it. Seriously. I need sleep!! :)
PS: I am really digging 'Friends' at the moment. 
'when you see me walking around with him I'm not just another chick, I'm his GIRL!'