March 22, 2012

Day 22: goodies and lollipops

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Got this sweet delicious phallus shaped lollie from one of my beloved co-workers. She is the cutest and most innocent  girl so when I saw it I just had to burst out  laughing. How can one NOT think of a penis when confronted with a long thick thing you can lick? Or am I just another offspring from a totally oversexed generation? I don't think so. Rainbow-coloured dick, yes please!

 I also got my birthday goodies from ASOS today. This was actually my first purchase from the website and I am pretty pleased with the delivery times. I am, however, a bit sour about how much they mark up the garments compared to store prices. Righto, I get that they have to cover costs for warehouses and shipping and logistics departments, their online maintenance etc. but that doesn't justify marking up the dress I bought by almost $ 10 compared to the price on the tag. I am pretty sure that despite the mentioned costs all the brands that Asos distributes and represents have to buy 'web space' on their website - just like suppliers have to buy shelf space in supermarkets in order to sell their products.
I'd rather they charge a small shipping fee than sneakily mark up the item by more than 20 percent.
The products, however, are of great quality (didn't expect anything less from Vero Moda) and I will be happy to purchase stuff again - but will most likely be looking out for the Asos 'homebrand', rather than buying other brands I could get elsewhere for cheaper. They do have really good promotions on from time to time though (like 20 percent off for 24 hrs etc) and offer student discount.

Anyway, here's the stuff I bought
I know, the picture could've done with a bit of lighting...a well, you can always look it up on the website if you want to see the details. It has a slit in the back and down the arms - very 70ies and I am in love with the print. It's a mature take on the floral print. Loving the autumn colours. Mustard and blonde hair is always a WIN!

the ring!!! Yes, I admit, it's enourmous and I can't quite decide if it looks more  like lego or a temple or pyramid. Whatever it is, it's fucking massive and spreads my fingers when I put it on and I am sure this can't be good for my hand's anatomy but hey, if we have learnt ONE thing it is that pain is an indicator for anything society perceives as 'good looking'.

I spent today avoiding the gym ONCE again and blaming it on the rain and lack of sunshine ONCE AGAIN and yes, I did finish that enourmous lollie today by myself. Moi, piglet.
Dan has bagged up a whopping 550 comics in little plastic bags, stacked them in what seemed like a cryptic order (geek-order?) and then neatly put them away in plastic tubs, equipped with several insect-repelling balls and powders. MAY NO ROACH EVER COME NEAR THEM!

See for yourself:

And to finish today with a visual overload I give you these two pearls you HAVE to watch and listen to. The puppets moved me to tears. Yes. That's a fact! Good night ladies and lads.