March 03, 2012

Day 3: this is the story of a migraine and a beer

So no Ric's for me last night, by the time I got there it was 10 to 10 and my husband was too agitated to hang around in the valley so we headed somewhere else. I still got to have a drink at Greystone's in South bank though. I was feeling supersonic and stuff.

Woah, I had the most intense time-warp craze of a day today. I woke up with an extreme headache and cannot for the life of me remember what I have been doing all morning. I just remember the headache turning into a migraine sometime around 11 and ending up at Woolies at around 2 pm to do my groceries and was so delusional I gave the creepy Indian guy at the register my work address, so his missus could drop off her resume. Good job on my part. Next time you see me with a potential migraine, ask me for my credit card details. I'm sure I'll be happy to provide them.

But back to the migraine, it fucking sucked and by the time I started to loose my vision I was like: Screw you migraine, Imma fight you off with a beer!

And gone it was. Once again beer totally saved the situation. Thank you ancestors for inventing a brew of hopsy, yeasty and malty goodness. It's like a carbonated miracle. The liquid version of Pandora's box. Beer, I like you (minus the man boobs)

I have my netbook up and running again and that means bluetooth is back in my life to infest my body with harmful electromagnetism or so, so thought I'd share a couple of pictures with you that have been rotting on the phone-o.

this is the closest I have gotten to the Ocean this year. So here's an ode to the Ocean: Ocean, I like you. You're blue and wet. Your water is so salty. It makes me thirsty. Maybe it's the fish poo in it. The end. How great does the sky look?

Chickpea Crisps. Cardboard never tasted any better.

flat chelsea boots are my new work shoes

you call them ugly. i call them tasty!

pink roses. the classy lady that I am I put them in beer glasses. one's from the HofbrÀuhaus in Munich from 2 years ago. I watched  Dan drink a whole litre of German beer in under 10 mins and then saw him off at the airport drunk as a hot dawg.

welcome.. the family! (I promise no more shoe shots!!!)

psycho blick. thinking: If I stab my eyes out, the pain will stop. I had regular migraines as a child and am still wondering how I coped with that shit. I was so much tougher as a kid. I was like: 'I have a migraine and I am spewing and can't see, but I AM going on that slip'n'slide in 18°C weather anyway! You watch me, muthafucka!' 

voodoo cat anyone? My awesome mum-in-law got me an old-lady sewing bag (I have been looking for one just like that for ages!!!) and a needle-cat. Radness!!
So after getting so much support and good feedback for my little blog-a-saurus I would love you to pretty please support one of my friends. He's a pretty awesome self-taught graphic designer/director/booking agent and he just went into this fine little competition. Supporting him will possibly get him a whopping USD 500.- which he could use to by some cool soft- and hardware to then create some more awesomeness and spoil your eyes and ears. He could also buy lots of booze and get maggot drunk. His choice. But anyway, support the Matthjes!

And to end this post today, I present you with the finest photograph I found on tumblr today and i don't know if it's fake or not but if it isn't then holy balls this chick is the coolest woman on earth or more likely the universe. If the world was to end this year I would join her tribe right now and worship her and give her my non-existant babies to feast on.
what's not to like about a half naked amazone hanging off the biggest bad-ass of the Pacific? He's like: I'm tha boss!
via tumblr
 Now: Shark attack

So how was your holiday? - Pretty unspectacular.

hilarious! the damn seal is still hanging out of the shark's mouth. and for  a fake to be good the shark should be at least the size of a boing 737 man. do yoh homework!

uhm, excuse me sir shark, I was enjoying the ocean view.

no words necessary. this is great.

he's like: 'oh, where'd that thing come from'
no seriously dude, I was enjoying that damn view. Now get outta my way.

tits turn shark movies into good movies. just like piranha movies. or porn.
Enough from me. Now tell me about your very own personal shark experiences!
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