March 15, 2012

Day 15: dip tip dye

I had blue tip dye done back in December, but it faded before I even got to Europe so while I was over there, I bought some blue and pink dye again to do it myself. Long story short I didn't get around to re-doing it over there and when I felt bored and brave today, I just did it myself. I literally just put my hair in two ponytails, dipped them into the jar of dye (I used Directions in Rose Red), waited for 15 mins and rinsed it, plus shampooed it three times each side, to get some of the excess colour out before brushing. I didn't have an applicator brush or anything, just single use gloves. It is pretty messy and I wouldn't recommend going through without a pair of gloves. It even stained the bathroom sink (oops!). Haha :)

The result is pretty bright and dark - I am now holding out for it to fade a little (which is going to happen within 3 washes or sth anyway, my hair doesn't really hold on to colours too well) to get a bit less of the 'punk rock' and a bit more of  a 'pastel fairy' look.

Didn't check with work, but it wasn't too much of a problem when I did it last time (even though I wasn't supposed to, but I did it anyway) so am not expecting too much drama. Knock on wood.

I went through with my lazy plan today. Only made it through 1 season of the Wonder Years but I just got lost in online shopping. Everything I wanted on H&M is sold out online, so I went over to Asos to spend some of my birthday money (and some extra coin from covering a shift last week) and the rest was well spent on ebay. I will show you some of my purchases tomorrow or Saturday (as well as the stuff I got at the vintage markets the other day..finally!!) There was a lot of colour involved, so much can be unveiled!!!

And this is what I felt like doing after hearing the garbage truck coming down our road, flicking on a dress, sprinting down the driveway with the bin wheeling right behind me and making this week's garbage collection YET AGAIN! The gym really pays off in everyday situations. (You should see my driveway, it's the driveway form hell!) The fresh air from my 'Good Morning' - sprint must have stimulated whatever part of my brain is responsible for creative attacks. ... or something.
On a side note I wish the bed would always make itself....

Tomorrow: BIRTHDAY!!! Very excited for that one. My anxiety/firstfifthoflifecrisis has finally passed.