March 18, 2012

Day 18: Sunday smiles

Hello there lads and ladies.

I hope you enjoyed my 'fuck me I got soaked' - picture I posted yesterday. I was pretty mad, hey!!!  :-)
Smashed the Wii this morning and I SUCK at all games that require some sort of sense for rythm. Very frustrating.

So as you know I turned 22 on Friday and anniversaries and birthdays always tend to make people think about their future and so it happened to me. I remember as a kid I always wondered what life would be like at this age, I thought that people would have their lives and future all figured out and could just live without any angsts or insecurities.
And to be honest, even two years ago I thought I'd have MORE figured out than I find myself having in this very moment. I don't have a degree as I hope I'd have, I don't have any professional goals to work towards (at least none that are...well...'glamorous'...) I don't have kids yet (thank fuck as well as oral contraceptives!!!)  haven't started a business/written a novel/become a professional just yet, but hey, I am actually quite content!

I got this creative outlet here and I am always stoked about how many people read this stuff, wether it's 20 or 200. Plus I am blessed to be part of a stable social network (in real life, that is), a loving family and a great relationship, all spread out over 2 or more continents. I enjoy my job some and hate it other times - but seriously, who doesn't? I am educating myself constantly, have the opportunity to do courses for little money (it's journalism at the moment, photography next and sewing after that, yay), but don't have a uni degree - which is something I want to get before I die, but which is currently not on top of my list. The amount of people trying to get a job at my work, who have up to three degrees, but no job prospects in their field, makes me doubt the whole necessity of studying anyway (taking our economic situation into account). I don't see why I should spend 30+ grand and give up a full time wage just to end up in a retail job all over again.

But enough phylosophical potato mash.

Yesterday was St. Patrick's day, an excuse to fake an Irish accent and get fucked up, all while wearing a green hat/tie/make-up/anything and looking fucking ridiculous. Wow, that was a lot of swearing. Anyway - after getting soaked I didn't feel like going out but sorta felt like piss anyway, so we went to se bottleshop and got some Guiness (tastes like arsehole) and a bottle of Bailey's.
Dan whipped up this awesome cocktail for me, with approx. the amount of calories usually contained in half a fried Djugong.

Holy cellulite, it was good!!!

Moving on to today:
It's been a week since I promised to show off all my awesome market fiends and bargains so I have decided to make this little thingy to get it out of the way before a whole heap of other shit grabs my attention.

gif creator
Gif creator

  • colour block green/black sweater from cotton on, $ 10
  • pleather skirt H&M (bought while overseas), € 29.99
  • dots and triangles shirt vintage, $ 10
  • purple high waisted shorts with scalloped hemline, boutique in West End $ 10
  • button up sleeveless shirt, another boutique in West End, $ 6
  • khaki shorts from SES, $ 3.95 (i know, right?)
  • red 80ies sequined awesomeness vintage, $ 10
 So I got these 6 outfits for a total of around 90 bucks. Yes, might not be the best quality but honestly, clothes are disposable I'm obsessed...sorry for the wrinkles by the way. I hate the iron.

I have been meaning to get something non-gross in polka dot print and I actually got a dress a month or so ago, but it's hemline is so close to my crotch I have to walk like a tin man to not show off my hoo-ha to everyone. Not to mention it's totally unsuitable in windy, no, even just breezy weather conditions.
Anyway, I got this polka dot skirt and shirt for  5 dollars each at the cotton on outlet and really like the look of them combined. Very simple and stuff, and loving the pink hair today!!!!

Well, my friends.
I'm off now.

Good night!