March 19, 2012

Day 19-2: More love for you

Couldn't wait  till tomorrow to share this belated birthday-maze with you. I know,...when will I shut up about by birthday, right? But seriously, it was GREAT! Who wouldn't brag?
I received this super sweet parcel in the mail today. me my in-laws!!!

Phone book galore. Lol. So bad it's good? No? ....Ok then. 

Dan affectionately calls it the Dildo.
But seriously, the smell is divine. I have been lusting after it for months and months now, and not just because Rosie Huntington-Whitley (aka 'The hottest babe with the hottest accent') is in the campaign. Although..I have to admit I waited for a split second to turn into a hard bodied british babe with lustrous locks when the first drops touched my skin. Oh, hello stupid. Turns out perfume doesn't change your DNA. One can dream though!
Looks like it's the treadmill all over again.....

On a side note:
No but seriously, Kat Dennings is actually an entertaining actress and I am really enjoying 2 Broke Girls. It's my guilty ghetto pleasure. And how funny is the Hipster/Homeless joke? Ahahaha.