March 06, 2012

Day 6: interest is what makes you interesting

I had a skype chat with my brother yesterday and we examined Gen Z with the conclusion, that hardly anyone younger than us is interested in anything, that doesn't evolve around their smartphone/tablet/computer. It's like: 'you have half an hour, you can do whatever you want' and 99 % of under 20 year olds would bury their heads in their iPhones. They simple wouldn't know what else to do with themselves.

Quite a sad realisation, huh? I find that interests are what make a person, well, interesting!
I have always been magically attracted to people with different habits and hobbies and am on what seems to be a neverending pursuit of creativity, to find interesting ways of spending my time.
And what's the best thing about this whole 'doing something different' thing is that literally EVERYONE can do something cool. You don't need talent or money. You just gotta do it. And it doesn't matter what you like to do.
You're an expert in cartoons from the Nineties? Cool beans. A fan of cooking stews? Nice one! You're part of a circus fitness group? Trés interessante.

Even if its stuff like collecting comic books (my husband counted over 400 today...his collection is insane! haha. Nerdman.) or obsessing over creating perfect little pastries or making sock monkeys - pretty much anything is more interesting than TV and shopping. Oh, sock monkeys make me laugh so much....

Oh no, let me try and concentrate again....ahahha. Sock monkey.... look at him!!!
I am not saying you should take up a hobby to seem more interesting for other people. It's merely something you should enjoy for yourself, something you can be proud of besides work achievements and passed uni exams. Something that is low-commitment but still demands a certain level of brain activity. You'll see, it'll give you a confidence boost or at least a sense of purpose! Ayayay!!!

Now, look at my checkered mouth!! It's moving! Oh yeah....

Rimmel London's collaboration with Kate Moss is the best thing that happened to mankind since the invention of calenders that have little magnets on the back, so you can put them on the fridge. No, but seriously, this lipstick collection is so perfect it's ridiculous. Kate can't go wrong. The plum shade is pretty 'vampy', but I am using a more neutral colour every from her collection every single day. The fuchsia one is a cheapy from Europe. My mum bough it for me (aka I made her buy it for me by sneaking it into her shopping basket). Conan comic c/O the hubsterlobster.

And to finish this most excellent post with even more excellence:

drawing by Gerald L.
These are so cool i want them as wallpaper all over my house!!!

Thanks and good night!