March 01, 2012

Day 1: 'ello there, birthday month!

2 months down and I have blogged every day. I am starting to think I can actually do this!
The best thing is I actually enjoy this, which means a lot coming from me (I usually get bored with stuff straight away...)

So yeah, it's my birthday in two weeks and turning 22 is somewhat a bit frightening. Every birthday is pushing me further towards adulthood and makes me get super stressed about all the things I still have on my list! And trust me, it's a list the lenght of the equator.

Here are a few things:

  • Travel to Japan, Canada, the States, Europe, South East Asia, South Africa and India
  • Travel the rest of Australia, go to Hawaii and Switzerland and go back to New Zealand
  • Work my way up further!!!
  • Study something
  • Learn how to sew properly so I can follow into my nana's footsteps (my older nana taught my younger nana how to sew. craze maze)
  •  Learn how to speak Italian and become fluent in French and Spanish
  • write a novel
  • do a photography course
  • make lots of moh - nay
  • ...
 You get the idea!!!

So 1st of March, huh?
After paying my car rego, electricity and phone bill I have to say it's a quite poor start into the birthday month and I hope it's gonna get better. I did, however, get a voucher from work for my efforts and hard work (nothing better than recognition from the top when you bust your arse) and will treat myself to one or the other pair tomorrow...

Besides paying bills and feeling overly depressed for the whole morning (my account balance: $ 21.52. no jokes) I started some work on an assignment and another job I am doing for Noppen Air, a fine little music festival friends back home organise and that I never used to and now hate to miss. My deadline is Monday, so I better get stuck into it tonight.
Enough talk. Now look at some fruit boobs:

Mango boobies. Juicy and delicious!!
The outcome of this was totally different to the original intend. I took a couple of photos in supposedly the same pose in the backyard so I could update my banner, and the light just swallowed my legs. No retouching or anything. Nom nom legs gone.

open chicken and lean bacon salad sandwich on wholegrain toast. Inspired by this photo
and because the first one was so much fun, another good old gif, now with hair party

So I have only just found out about the statistic option in blogger and I am quite frankly overwhelmed with the amount of people frequenting this site of useless information and foul language. Thank you, thank you and please don't stop! It makes me feel super happy! Probably as happy as this fella:

Now I'm off to watch the rest of the Disney version of 'Sleepy Hollow'. Just for the sake of the sound effects.
Good night!!!