March 21, 2012

Day 21: Hey Hesher, this must be the place!

Yes, this is a muffin tray but hey, anything works for me.
This triangle ring and a pair of sandals are the only take on the aztec print trend from my side. I am OVER tight body con skirts in pink hues and navajo print SOOO much I cannot even put the boredom they release inside me into words.

Anyway, I am tired so will make this a short one.

If you watch anything anytime soon make it these two movies:

I have a thing for Sean Penn. Shit is crazy here. You have to watch it to understand.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Nuff said. And Natalie Portman produced it. Amazynga.

Now: Joseph-Parade:

He did a photo shoot with Claudia, for fucksake!!!
If you love the Seph, watch this movie too if you haven't already!!!