March 10, 2012

ay 10: 6 days left of 21

Whoaa, finally my working week is over!!! So much energy and nerves went into the job this week, it's quite frankly ridiculous. I hate being an adult and having to work and being the bigger person and so on...y'know...
Lottery win, please!!!

But I have two days off without any sort of major commitment or deadline (other than maybe cleaning the kitchen...) so I'm gonna celebrate the last 6 days of my life as a 21 year old.
Tomorrow I'm off to several Sunday markets, might take my camera so you can be part of my fabulous life yet again.

And here is the promised better shot of my super amazing mirror belt I got about 2000 compliments for at work today:

ses dress and target long shirt underneath, chinese shop knee socks, Payless boots, my bedroom door.

and some play and fun:

gif maker

Triangle action

gif animator

Circle action

gif maker

Square action

I love the Graham Norton show!
Good night everyone and have a great weekend!!!