March 16, 2012

Day 16: Happy Birthday to me


I had the best birthday ever. Not only did I get spoiled like a muthafucka, but I genuinly enjoyed myself and LOVED EVERY present I got! No fake present-love there! It was all for realsies.

 I got up at a ridiculously early hour (6:30 am) cause I heard Dan sneaking around and am not one for sleeping in any way (think it's a waste of life). He then made the ULTIMATE CANADIAN breakfast for me - a stack of pancakes with maple syrup, whipped cream and strawberries and crispy bacon!!! SO GOOD!

I then got a shitload of presents, starting with my new favourite gadget, a KINDLE touch. I cannot believe the quality of the screen - it feels just like reading an actual paper page and when going to the next page it produces this blurry effect, that makes it seem like you're turning the page in an actual book - like letter soup! He also got me a leather pouch and some screen savers for it!! SO THOUGHTFULL!!!

I cannot wait to take this baby with me on planes and other forms of transport that allow me to read while using them without possibly dying. No more: 'I'm going to Europe, which book will I take' - dilemmas. I can take 1000 without stressing about luggage weigth limits.

I also got this super nice 20ies style birthday card. So NAICE!!! And look what was inside:

Not only did I get Kimbra tickets (THANKS BABE!) but also the most humourous and typically different card :) I always like that type of cheek. And what's not to like about Sheldon and his emotional cat-hoarding?? :)

Besides this I also got my very own Nintendo Wii (we already have one, but this one is a 'special' one) with 1000 games, including 'Let's dance' and about 20 Mario games. I danced to 'California Gurls' at 7 in the morning. It was special.

With a super full belly I went to enjoy a whopping 2 hrs of my 2nd favourite activity in the world - browsing ebay. I bought the following things with some of my birthday money/extra shift money:

all 4 images via ebay

Can you tell I am on a bit of a blue-green streak?
Can't wait for that pleated skirt. I HOPE it's not super shit quality/super small Chinese sizing. Would love to wear it with white shirts or creme chunky knits for winter.
Also the envelope clutches are so SO cheap, I am really quite curious about the quality. I bought one for $ 9.50 and one for $ 11.50 - wonder if there is ANY difference or if it's just cheeky. Will let you know how my ebaying turns out this time!!

I also bought a ring and an amazing Vero Moda dress on Asos, but will show you these when they arrive! Am very excited. I don't usually have money to buy in bulk but today was different. YAY!!

After showering and getting ready and playing the fuck out of the Wii, Dan and I made our way  down the coast to have a feed and a look around. We ended up at Harbourtown (which is a very touristy outlet centre here, kinda like Parndorf in Austria) and had Nando's for lunch, which gave me light food poisoning (YAY) but I don't regret a thing! I ran around coughing and blowing my nose for the rest of the afternoon but that didn't keep me away from the shops. I ended up spending another $ 26 in Cotton on, got a jumper, two shirts and a skirt and a tote bag. Pretty good, I'd say.

After that Dan and I went on to this great Japanese Dollar Shop in Southport but I was too overwhelmed by all the handy stuff for $ 2.80 per item that I couldn't really make up my mind. I wanted everything or nothing. Y'know what I'm talking about!!!!!!!!

We went for a drinky and I got half pissed after a glass of Strongbow and then inhaled one of these babies in the car on our way home:

I then talked to my Nana who turned 92 today on skype and had a ball, especially when she figured out that she could see herself on the screen and started fixing her hair up :D So delightful to watch! She's a great woman.

I'll take this opportunity to thank my awesome husband for this super amazing birthday, all my presents and the good time. I hope to be able to return the favor next month, bub! Also thanks to mum and dad and mum and dad-inlaw and nana for spoiling me once again!!! Also thanks to everyone around the globe who rang/texted/messaged me for my birthday!!! I love hearing from you guys!

I love you all!!