March 12, 2012

Day 12: brunch?

Am waiting for my Mum right now to come online and have a skype chat with me. I tell you this whole 9 hr time difference situation makes it pretty hard to stay in regular contact but Mum and I are absolute champs at it! I suppose we have a lot of practice by now.

Dan and I went to this place in West End today for brunch. I must've been the last person in Brisbane who has never been there and I really liked it. I read plenty of reviews and most of them are really good. Three Monkeys has been around for over 20 years and is still going, which is pretty darn good for a cafe. It keeps attracting generation after generation and it looks like they're doing something right. We had coffee and sandwiches and it was good - the price was ok and the vibe was relaxing and comfy!
I didn't take any photos, I just really wanted to enjoy the moment.

But anyway, back to the reviews - I really don't get food critics. It's like they go to some place once and then rip into people for not being able to satisfy them ("the cake was too sweet" or "the salmon was too fishy"), then verbal-vomit on their blogs until the restaurant's manager asks them to go back for a free meal which most likely results in a positive review. Hooray for hypocracy.
It's this whole: "the service was bad" thing that annoys me most though, considering that people who work in hospitality have their bad days, like everyone else, but unfortunately can't hide in their offices, ignore their colleagues and openly feel like shit for an hour. People don't realise how hard it is to be genuinely nice to customers when you're not feeling your best and that there is a lot of faking involved in customer service. It feels like they expect you to love every minute of what you're doing. It's just a job and YES it is a profession with a strong focus on customer service but GOD to err is human as they say and unless someone is really and fully intentionally treating you like crap don't hate.
And it shits me to tears when people complain about waiting times and standing in line. Makes me wonder if said people have no common sense whatsoever and expect to be served within 5 minutes, even though there is a line of 20 people in front of them.  Like, duh!!!!

But moving on from this now. I am so disgustingly tired I don't even want to brag about my $ 6 bargains today. Tomorrow. With photos. And while I am waiting to finish "aquiring" all the Wonder Years seasons
I suggest you watch some of my favourite TV shows:

Black books. This show sometimes conflicts with my OCD and impatience. Still a great piece of weird.

Mighty Boosh 2nd Season. Speaking of weird and wonderful....

Skins UK all seasons. I really loved this show. Holding out for more seasons! It's probably the most authentic show about teenagers that was ever made. Pretty wild though, nothing compared to my own growing up. And the soundtrack to all of the seasons is cool.

Oh I can't wait to sit down on Thursday and watch all six seasons of it. It's one of those shows I was way to young to understand when it came on TV in Austria. I must've been about 7 or 8 years old and most of the teenage problems I couldn't relate to just yet. Now and then I remember scenes and little bits and pieces from the show, which makes me get really excited in this very moment!!! Also, how funny was the rumour about Marilyn Manson being the geeky boy? It was too good to be true, of course!

Peep show. I have to give Dan credit for introducing me to both Black Books and this little number here. Two losers always works well. And the way it is shot is both irritating and interesting.

I get all excited about English and American TV shows we didn't have access to as kids. The list of stuff I have discovered since living in a country that has strong influences from both the UK and US is enormous! I cannot believe I have never seen the stop motion version of "The wind in the willows" as a kid which I am sure would've changed my early life substantially in one way or another. Another funny story: the only gaming console I ever had was a GameBoy Advance (well, we're three kids so we always had to share it. It officially was my brothers'. I remember always fighting over it when we were driving to Italy all night and all wanted to have a go - usually the battery ran out after my older siblings were done and I had to stick to colouring book. I also had the travel addition of ""Who is it?" but noone to play I said, THEY had the Game Boy.)

Ah memories.
Anyway, I am off to bed now.
Goood noight.