March 08, 2012

Day 8: I have been looking at it all wrong! IT'S A WAVE!

Ah, quoting Sheldon is just as bad as quoting Napoleon Dynamite, but I just can't help it.

You wanna hear about my day? Well, the vomit at the bus stop was still there. I still had to navigate around it in a graceful way, while a 'fucking disgusting' came over my lips. The old lady next to me shook her head. Turns out old ladies don't like to hear me swear at 8 in the morning.

Long story short, work was long and boring and I can't wait for my days off to do something with my life, other than to jump over spew!
They were giving away free make-up bags today and I snatched a blue one. Plus I have the new Frankie magazine. I have a subscription to Cosmo and Cleo (WHY would anyone do this to themselves?? It's the worst! Every issue seems to get more superficial) but not to any quality magazines. I don't know why, but sometimes I make really bad decisions. Like when I wore cotton tights and leather shorts to work the other day and already started sweating when I left the house. If my legs could talk they would've said something like: 'It's Australia and it's summer, you joke!'

free make-up bag. me likey. the colour is pretty nice.

gone are the days I refused to carry make-up. Now this is in there: Fit me (and the sole reason I bought these is that I like Erin Wasson a lot and she's doing the commercial for it) powder and foundation, Garnier Roll-on concealer (the best invention since 'insert whatever I said last time I used this phrase'), cheapy eyebrow pencil, Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick, Margaret Astor mascara (bought  overseas), make up sponge (yeah, should throw that one out, it's probs drenched with bacteria. but it's so soft and stuff...), pocket powder brush

Frankie mag: how good are the wallpapers? I would like the tropical one in that laundry. I'd actually like a wallpaper of washing machines with palm trees in the back. Think it looks awesome. As for that Snickers: am still staring at eat thinking: 'to eat or not to eat'

Frankie mag.

Frankie mag:

...tell me  about it!!!

Good night!