March 25, 2012

Day 25: Pygmy

via Google. Pygmy Seahorse. This is what I will become in my next life.
Lazy Sundays.
I had my last shift in the city yesterday and despite having to go back because I forgot pretty much everything I intended not to forget, I am very relieved and happy to be going back to Carindale and having a  small team again.

Also there is some serious construction work going on at Westfield so I am already very excited how it's going to end up looking. The new part is still closed off by heavy black curtains but I will get to see what's behind when we set up our new store. Exciting news!!!

I had to REALLY hold myself back yesterday after hearing from so many young customers, that they'd rather pay the $ 150 fine than vote. (in Australia if you're registered to vote and don't show up, you pay). I'm not a citizen and don't get me wrong, I am not an expert on Australian politics but hell, I know more than those people I had to talk to yesterday. This one girl stuck with me in particular, when she said: 'I don't even know the politicians names and what this election is all about'. She didn't quite know what politicians do either. Imagine me standing there in disbelief, trying to explain to her why it's important to vote and she just twirled her hair and shrugged her shoulders. What a future to look forward to! Hopefully she was an exception and most of the young Australians decided to vote after all.

I am quite sad Anna Bligh lost. She was pretty great and went far beyond her political duties during the floods and cyclone last year. But anyway...

Today I dedicated my life to reading Portia de Rossi's book 'Unbearable lightness'. It's been promoted quite a bit and I thought I'd give it a shot and can't quite get myself to put my Kindle down. It feels somewhat perverted to be entertained by someone else's mysery but hey, she's the one who put it in writing for everyone to see so I suppose I shouldn't feel too bad. On top of that she makes a shitload of money with it.

I sat out on the front patio and just as the sun started descending, I felt like taking a photo. There were hardly any sunny days in the last two weeks so I enjoyed every sun ray I could catch today.
 I also felt like taking a photo of an outfit I would wear, if I was home for Austrian summer this year. It'll be ok to wear with tights and boots in Aussie winter BUT I could see myself wearing it so much better at this year's  Noppen Air Festival.

tshirt: DIY, skirt: ebay, shoes: work, bag: sportsgirl, fedora: forever 21