March 14, 2012

DAY 14: 48 hrs left of 21. Pancakes and Stickers?

Long day at work again!
Had a chat to my mama last night and she said for my birthday I could go nuts on the H&M online store and send her the bill. I told her to not tempt me so she re-phrased what she had just promised me and said she'd send me a certain amount I could spend on clothes instead. Haha. She sure dodged that bullet well!!

I am getting so excited about what Dan has planned for me. He keeps talking about Pancakes and stickers and it just doesn't make any sense! LIKE OH MY GAWD!

My birthday present to myself is to spend tomorrrow in my PJ's and watch all six seasons of 'the wonder years'. I cannot WAIT! I am so lame.

Now: Shoe parade:

granny meets gaga meets mermaid studs. I like that!

see through Lita?

lita cosmic. I would nurture you like a bebe.

lita spike. i love you so much!

I wonder if they're comfy? they look so nice I wanna die!!!

day ...

...and night

nom nom

summer love

and to end this post of concentrated boredom I present you with something, that made me laugh 10 mins straight.

i know, right? A bear holding a gun. balls.
I'm gonna  try get rid of this terrible headache that pains me now. Beer  or vodka? What's it gonna be?