March 09, 2012

Day 9: Glee is seriously distracting me

Facebook ads totally work on me so I clicked this morning and pretty much got to work late, cause I couldn't stop clicking through the cute and inexpensive stuff they have.

Here's a selection of things I would like (most of the sold out, unfortunately!)

all images via

Enough dreaming though, I finally got my mirror belt I ordered via ebay. Am very happy with the quality!!! Also had some more vouchers from work and paid a whopping $ 1 (DOLLAR ONE in writing) today for a pair of purple microsuede platform peeptoe heels.

sucky photo, yes. It's actually gold. Will put it around my waist some time and take a photo for you people!!

As for the rest of my day: work, work, work, buying shoes, work, miss the bus, get on the next bus to realise I don't have money on my goCard and had to turn around, wait for another 20 mins and get on a smelly arse bus, forget my keys at work, hate myself, talk to my best friend in Austria on good old skype, eat cake, go grocery shopping, eat more cake, eat pickled everything and pasta (i like food), now watching The Devil wears Prada and feel really tempted to eat more cake.
I wish Anna Wintour was actually Meryl Streep. I think Ms Streep is far more glamorous!

That's it for today.
Tomorrow: Last day of work for the week.
Sunday: Hopefully filled with awesomeness! Will let you know!
Good night!