March 13, 2012

Day 13: hunt no more & princess polly

having a bit of sexy time with Aussie label HUNT NO MORE
Wow, loving the high fashion look of this pretty inexpensive collection! You can get these beautiful pieces at these places or if you're from overseas and want some Aussie loving just shop at Princess Polly.

Princess Polly, btw., are killing me again with all the goodness they have in store again

See for yourself:

you can't see it on this picture, but the model's wearing THESE babies. Me want so badly!!

fairy skirt anyone?

the shirt is just fabulous

this must be my favourite!!!

I am thinking about getting this. I have a couple of weddings to go to this winter and this dress is the oppsite of lame. Also brings together the one colour combination I cannot resist: light nude pink and black.

Ok, ok. So I promised photos last night but to be honest, I just can't be arsed. 10 hr shifts and training new staff is draining the life out of me. On top of that I just ate what I think was off chocolate pudding. Gross. And you know what's even worse than food that's off? Pretty much every birthday after your 21st! You just get old and gross and have to seriously start excersising and eating healthy and according to Cosmo NOW is the time for me to start with anti-wrinkle creams, get regular facials, start pelvic floor muscle training and meditation on a daily basis and get 8 hrs + sleep a night, while slowly decreasing my alcohol/sugar/transfat intake and thinking about babies while buidling a career, acquiring a masters degree and knowing every detail about pop culture from the last 52 years. It is also highly recommended I learn how to cook Vegan curry and make my own bread.

Can you tell I am having a bit of a birthday anxiety going?
...but to be honest, I actually am a wee bit excited to grow older...Future is scary, but scary is exciting!!
NOW: a dubstep remix of the most delicious song in the world

So good!!!