March 20, 2012

Day 20: feminista

Really enjoyed reading this after a 10 hr shift and some awful heel pain (OH MY GOD I'M DYING) and lemme tell you this: THAT means a lot!
I usually just flick through pictures after a day like this one so that speaks for itself. I have been convinced for a long time now that mysogony has found a new breeding ground, which is the female brain. I know I have already verbal-vomitted about this many times before but I just can't help it - there is still so much ignorance and hatred out there, it makes me physically ill.
Like, just throw the word 'plastic surgery' into a room full of insecure females, and they will throw themselves on it like a bunch of scavengers on a dead reindeer. Or so. It's like: 'Oh my god, you're such an anti-feminist if you get your tits done' or 'Plastic surgery is only for insecure girls who want to piss of other girls and attract men'.
I have literally NEVER heard any girl say: 'Whatever anyone wants to do with their lives/bodies is fine with me'. We are TRAINED to be judgemental just like sniffer dogs are trained to find pot in some hippies minivan.
It won't change unless people realise that there is something wrong with determining a person's worth by their looks. To some extend, it is even wrong to judge people on what they are doing with their lives, as long as they're not harming anyone else.

People, just take care of your own shit and stop hating. My 10 pm message of <3

BTW: Galadarling, you are living my dream life!

Speaking of which, how depressing is it, when a girl hands in her resume at work and she is practically doing EVERYTHING you want to do which includes writing for about a million of music and fashion blogs, hosting shows on 2 radio stations, doing street press and doing freelance photography, all while looking super awesome including pussy bow (pussy bow...aaaa....always makes me giggle!) blouse and shorts and undercut and what not.

I love her so much I want her to be  my best friend. Forever.


Also on my playlist: Die Antwoord (so bad it's...bad!) and this crazy shit

From Gyllenhaal with fencing love!