March 27, 2012

Day 27: blank

What a day! Setting up a store sounded more fun than it turns out to be. Especially  because Westfield Carindale is undergoing some MAJOR construction and it's supposed to open on Thursday and there is noise and people in hard hats and high vis vests are buzzing around like busy ants. We are almost done but man, some of the shops are totally behind schedule...
Also much to my surprise New Zealand brand Glassons is opening a store there! I shopped there on my three stop-overs in Christchurch. You know...before it went crazy there with earthquakes. They have amazing basics at great prices. And just as I thought I was escaping all the temptation....

Also had a look into Dotti today and I am in love with their new collection.
My favourite look from their fall lookbook is this one:
didn't know untill just then that I needed a pair of dark green jeans.

Yes, I want one of these skater skirts without the annoying elastic band around the middle, but with a proper zip in the back. The hated elastic band is just not working out if you have what is called A WAIST!

 I ordered a couple of rings off ebay for fun and am quite positively surprised. They were around $ 2.00 each and I expected shit but I quite love them :)

Makes me feel good: skull ring and kitty ring: Ebay, tiny little phone box: london, strawberry freddo

I have just started wearing rings on  the top half of my finger. These ones are adjustable, so can be worn either way. The skull ring I ordered merely out of boredom and fun, but turns out it looks good on. And I am loving the heart-shaped eyes.

Alright, I'm gonna go do some stretching, to get some of these knots in my back.
Good night everyone!!! :)