March 23, 2012

Day 23: And I'm like 'yeah, whatever'

thI had way too much to drink and eat today so this will be officially the worst blog post ever.

super expensive tiramisu at denim in Southbank. I feel sick now.

birthday present (AGAIN the birthday!) from beloved friends. this sounds awesome and fantastico.

this is my right shin. I slipped off the ladder today, hit both my shins on one of the steps with the force of both gravity and my body weight. I now have a dent and this lovely bloody scar, plus an armada of bruises down my calves. Ladders are a fantastic way to get yourself killed. I yelled something cuss cuss fucking shit and all the customers were disgusted with my swearing. Then I walked around in the shop holding onto my shins and tried very hard not to start crying or vomitting or both Wow, how painful. I totally deserved those 6000 kcals I ate today.

Now: Listen to this:

Tomorrow: Work and then dinner with the girls. Now: re-hydration and sleep.
PS: I got my cambridge satchel rip off and my blue green pleated chiffon skirt today. They are both very wonderful. Will show you tomorrow! Good night!