March 25, 2012

You know where you'll find me tomorrow

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Chemist Warehouse is selling the Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail enamels for an incredible $ 7.69 a bottle.
I am disappointed with all my OPI's (they tend to just peel off my whole nail at once and I am left with this jelly-like 'slice' of nailpolish) and Sally Hansen's enamels have proofen to be durable, chip-resistant and vibrant in colour. Now it's onto deciding which colours. I am already sold on the black and gold. The purple and blue are pretty irresitible too. I'll see how many are already sold out but at that price I'd be more than happy to get all of them. They're even cheaper than ebay. (!!!!!!!!)

Also they are having 15 % off all Revlon foundation and I so wanna try the Photoready Airbrush Mousse. (Thanks Emma Stone for talking me into this...) On top of that if you buy the foundation, they give you the matching powder for free. Oh my god, I am such a victim of advertising. Nothing get's me as excited as junk mail...

Ok, enough from me now. But I can't say bye without a bit of K-Pop to get you're metabolisms going. Do a little dance.