June 03, 2012

June 3rd: How appealing is YOUR veranda?

Hey you! What's happening?
Enjoying your Sunday night?

I went for a ridiculously overpriced $ 40 breakfast with my permanent happy times-companion today
and it was delicious. Now we're gonna live off toast and Homebrand peanut butter for the rest of the month (I WISH!!!).
I was hoping to finally get my hands on some Biotherm products today as not only my facewash, but also my moisturizer ran out (doesn't this ALWAYS happen at the same time? No matter how big the bottles they always run out at the same time! Not cool if you're a broke ass gurl!)
$ 93 and 2 hours later my mission was accomplished. Looks like it's just toast and no peanut butter for me...

Dan took this photo for me. Thanks mate! I am wearing: Cotton on button up shirt $ 34, Glassons blue-green pleather skirt $ 59.99, studded loafers Famous Footwear $ 39.99, faux fur stola bought in Venice EUR 5, thermal tights my Mum gave me - can't put a price tag on that now can you?
I have been harrassing Dan to take me for a milkshake for about two months now, since we never get around to do proper date nights. I accidentally got a thick shake instead. As the whimsy European I am I am struggling to digest a milkshake, but a thick shake is just something else. Dairy-overload. I broke a sweat trying to suck the muthafucka through the straw.

This would make me reconsider my damaged relationship with "the notorious kitchen".

as if you WOULDN'T buy this? (I didn't!)

My goodies. Biotherm and 3 litres of filtered water/day prevent me from looking like apple crumble face.

I made a very smart investment about two years ago, the only beauty-related investment I have made in quite a while. I'll show you tomorrow (alongside the photos of me in my new dresses! YAY!) and will take you through what I like to call the idiot- and lazy-proof  five minute beauty routine. Because I am a lazy fuck and I know you are too and we have better things to do than cleanse those pores all day long!

ALSO: Do you have any beauty blogs you could recommend? I currently only have Sparkly Vodka on my beauty blog list.
Would love to hear some suggestions! xxx