June 28, 2012

June 28: Shoop

I am a 90ies child. Suck it!

Had some random photos I wanted to post today on my beloved but neglected DSLR but
because good old life sometimes plays cruel tricks on me I can't get to it. The minute Dan left the
house I saw a little cockroach run into my office and I have since not taking a foot off the couch in case it comes back out. I did close the door and sprayed something toxic in through the little gap on the floor. If it didn't kill it I am convinced the insecticide will at least some sort of an invisible  barrier to keep the beast locked up.

Now I have creepy shivers and am hoping for Dan's return, so he can track the sucker down and kill it.
Otherwise - sleepless night!

Before I fall into a total girl group frenzy with Sugababes going STRONG on youtube at the moment, here are a few H&M items I am lusting over and would probably spend some hard earned EUROS on if I was overseas right now:


Kleid – von H&M

Figurnahes, ärmelloses Jerseykleid mit Musterprint.

Perfect floral/abstract print summer dress


Kette – von H&M

Metallkette mit Plastikperlen. Verstellbarer Verschluss hinten.

Yes, I would wear neon. Solely as jewellery though. Don't see the point in spending hundreds of Dollars on neon blazers, jackets and skirts when I know FOR SURE that in about 2 seasons there is going to be a major neon saturation and it's going to become this thing with a 'bogan' 2-Dollar-Mart touch to it. Or maybe I'll be totally wrong and will wear Adidas velcro tracksuits in lime green next Winter....who knows?


Sandalen – von H&M

Sandalen aus Lederimitat mit Metalldekors und Schnalle am Knöchel. Gummisohle.

Yeah...they are somewhat perfect. But why not in black????


Shorts – von H&M

Shorts aus Webstoff mit Seitentaschen und Umschlägen an den Beinen. Häkchenverschluss.

So these are probably the only floral shorts I would wear.  For some reason they remind me of Japanese art....


Bluse – von H&M

H&M FOR WATER. Ärmellose Bluse aus Webstoff mit aufgedrucktem Muster, Kragen und Knopfleiste.

So Carven started this trend with their alpine scenery short/t-shirt combination as seen on stylebubble.com
I kinda like this one though. Has a 'Dirty Dancing' - vibe to it. High waisted white denim with that and a shitloads of curls and you got that Baby - look!

Oh yeah...this is awesome by the way!
Shoop shoop.
Good night everyone!!! xxx