June 13, 2012

June 13th: Cause I don't care

State of Origin is on and turns out even hubby Dan, who NEVER EVER watches Rugby League, cannot be peeled off the TV tonight.
We even had to undergo a random breath test on our way to McDonalds. Ah well...it's Australia...

So firstly a big apology for my stinky posts recently. I am not feeling my best at the moment, dealing with some health issues, stress and money shit. Excuses excuses, but yes, I haven't really felt creative, dressy or glamorous enough to brew a good post out of my brain juices. Currently working my butt off while fighting off numerous bugs, coughs and colds but I will hopefully have some time to refuel by Sunday!

As for now: Some exciting new music. I love Grizzly Bear and they have this new song out.
A bit noisy and unsettling in the beginning but very athmospheric in the end.

What's up with the disco pants trend? It seems like high street is now trying to complete the "Anti-body fat" campaign with those fuckers. I mean, seriously!!! I'm all for fuck flattering but I might as well put some cling wrap around my legs and strut my stuff in that. No thanks, and I am SICK OF  fashion made for ladies with STICK LEGS!! Where's the meat, everyone? If you're blessed with thin legs then congrats, but I am not, nor are 90 % of the people I know. It pains me how it's all crop top and lurex printed leggings and damn disco pants at the moment. Totally not wearable for anyone weighing more than 45 kgs. It seems like fashion is trying to become this exclusive club where only skinny chicks can join. Well, here's the news: My thighs are touching AND I wanna be fashionable. It's time the fashion industry responded to some constructive criticism.
image via chictopia.com
On a less moody note:
I am moving house very soon and while I have already started to throw out some of the junk and clutter around the house (all old Cosmos and Cleos are now residing in the recycle bin), I still have way too much shit. It's when you move that you realise how much stuff you actually own, how much money you spent on it and how much use you got out of it (for most of my shoes the ratio would be 100/0). I am a bit of a collector (aka hoarder) of clothes, shoes and accessories of all kind so I can't really part with any of that. In case I do, though, you'll be the first to know.
What I'm trying to get at is that sometimes our belongings make us poorer (and not in a financial way). Two years ago all I had was a backpack and a handbag and I was as happy as can be. I only carried around what I needed (which included a pair of heels!) and it made me feel very free. Belongings didn't matter to me and I proofed it to myself one night, when I sold half of my clothes in a really random, asbestos-riddled sharehouse for $ 5 a pop - jackets, shirts, skirts, dresses, heels - you name it, I sold it for $ 5. I just didn't care. You can tell by the fact that I still remember it that this was something extremely atypical for me - I love clothes and every garment has its story - but I realised then, that I don't have to hold onto things in order to remember these stories. The next day I was as happy as can be with $ 45 in my pocket and minus 2 kgs of luggage to carry around!

Maybe I should re-live that philosophy and have a big garage sale....

Do you guys have any moving tips? xxx