June 25, 2012

June 25th: I owe you this!

Hey lads and ladies!
I owe you and myself a non-whiny post.
Cause let's face it: I am poor and I have a shitty job but at least I have one and I am healthy,
I am in love and I am loved and that's about all I need in life.

It can only get better from now on and I am willing to play an active role in my pursuit of happiness instead of being a whiny little bitch and damn fate for being a bit unkind from time to time.

Thankfully I married a very wise man who kicks my ass when I am feeling down. He says it's all part of character-building and he's right. I might feel overwhelmed by the thought of being an adult but not despairing of this realisation and getting through those tough moments will turn me into a more powerful, flexible and resilient human being. Yes, this is also an official apology to all my dear readers. I love you and I hate being a scruffy old geezer so from now on, I'll get back on the quirky train and annoy you with all things fluffy and pink.
AMEN everyone.
Now look at what made me happy today.
Finding these studs in a drawer. I bought them several weeks ago for $ 3.50 at Colette. Remember this post? I already bought a pair of those for one of my co-worker's 18th birthday. And YES my earlobes started swelling after about 2 hrs of wear. At least that's longer than when I wore cheap earrings at my wedding. I had earlobes the size an Indian Elephant usually sports. Yay me!
Dan took this for me. I love this jumper. It says: "Bitch, you mighta had a shitty day, but cheer the fuck up!" Actually, that's what Dan said. Haha. No, I love it. And a bit of Apfelkern Trivia on the side: My Dad had a sweater in EXACTLY that colour some time around the mid-late 90ies. My Mum used to steal it from him. The attraction to this "working class blue" as I like to call it must run in the family.

Oh my, look at that weird expression. I think I might have tried to pick something out of my teeth with my tounge, therefore the funny mouth-movement. Anyway - got this hat for $ 5.95 at the Dotti sale three weeks ago. I love me a good Fedora. Hat Person through and through.

I bought a set of 9 Revlon lipsticks on my Dubai-Vienna flight last December for probably around $ 50. This is my favourite daytime one. REVLON JUST ENOUGH BUFF 613

So what else is up in my marvellous life?
I went to Sunnybank yesterday (which a majority of the Asian population in Brisbane call their home suburb) and ate at MOS Burger.
Yummy and healthy! Great portion sizes (small but filling!!!) and prizes!
Then I got Japan-fever.

I also went to this great shop I will blog about this week. Absolutely LOVED it and once we've moved and gotten our shit together I'll definitely stop by and buy some ruffle socks and Korean jewellery and cosmetics!

Since my car needed to get fixed and serviced, I dropped it off this morning and walked back home. It was only a 5 minute walk but I realised how little I actually walk to places anymore. Thinking back to my backpacking days, I didn't waste a thought on methods of transportation - I just walked naturally walked everywhere. I really should incorporate a few bits and pieces of that lifestyle into my present life. Definitely not the drinking and scabby hostel bunk bed parts though! :D

That's me for today. I have a flight to book and a cookie to eat!

X and love mit Bomben und Granaten.