September 28, 2012

September 28th: Kittens everywhere

Hi! I am in Brisbane again.
Currently recovering from the flight of hell/jet lagging away like the little ladybug I am.

Ok, ok. There mightn't have been torrential rain or lighting, but the flight still absolutely sucked balls. The last two thirds, that is. Munich to Dubai was practically empty and we flew in an Airbus A380. Yep, that's the one with two levels, the bottom one solely intended for Economy Class. There are fake mahogany stairs that lead up to what I can only imagine as Nirvana. Beds, bars and...well....beds! What more do you need on a 21 hr flight?

I once was lucky enough to get a free upgrade from Economy to Business Class. Sure, you're still exhausted and smelly after a couple of hours, but there is no neck, back or joint pain, no waiting around for the person next to you to finish their meal/wake up all together so you don't pee yourself and no spew-worthy food.

Yeah...four meals in a row of "sweet and sour chicken" with some sort of a meaty salad. No, thanks. I am in a very dark place in terms of my digestion at the moment. Now that we've covered that, we'll move on to nicer things.

Or not. So, everyone who's ever boarded a plane with me, knows I get a bit nervous during turbulence. I don't freak out, but I am one of those people that grab onto their armrest and put both feet on the ground, as if that would make a big difference to the whole dying/staying alive - concept. Now, because of that nervous streak, I can't sit next to anyone that is even more nervous than I am. The girl sitting next to me, also a strong believer in the foot-on-ground/hands-on-armrest - method, turned out to be a bit of a psycho. Like....VERY nervous! And since for a whole hour before we landed in Singapore, turbulence was our ever-present companion, well...I had a pretty shit time! Worst part though was the landing. Never have I felt a plane bounce off the landing strip twice at full speed, then drift to the right and finally drop down like a moutherfucking rock! Girl next to me screaming, of course. At least Dan was having a jolly old time, laughing his butt off. At least the landing in Brisbane was soft as whipped butter...