August 11, 2012

August 11: Sugar fail

Since I started not eating sugar a couple of days ago (Tuesday, to be exact) I have been feeling awesome! My body is thanking me through not breaking out even if I sleep in my make-up and being less of a stress ball altogether.

Now I didn't realize until half way through the bottle that ginger beer contains a shitload of sugar, so I broke my diet last night. What a fail. I am serious! I didn't even think... but anyway, today back to feeling a bit headache-y so I learnt my lesson: Don't underestimate the evil of soda.

I am really looking forward to this weekend, since I had the worst work week in history. Tuesday: boring, Wednesday: abused by a customer, Thursday: troubles with the boss, Friday: shitload of stock, Saturday: angry with my staff.

It's about time I can just chill the fuck out and the biggest worry is when I do the dishes...seriously, I need a game plan. I am not willing to do this shit until the end of my life, working 11 months so I can enjoy 1 month off somewhere awesome and then come back home depressed and broke, forced to do the whole 11 months all over again.

Lottery anyone? I have tried but failed. All I want is a freaking house in Europe and here and a million in the bank so I can stop working for others and start working for myself. I know there are all these success stories out there of broke people spending their last money on something awesome (see Black Milk) but let's face it, these people are pretty darn lucky and no, it's NOT just hard work. I work hard and I get my modest pay check every week - thassiit. My dreams are big and unglamorous (no singer, actor, model, designer, journo, author, politician, I just wanna educate kids!!!) but similar to 99 % of the population I cannot afford to quit my job and pursue them right now. Sucks to be me, dude!

BUT since I am only 22 (and a half..urrgh) I still have time to think all this stuff through and get a clear vision of who I want to be and what I want to,

And to finish this post with something light and fluffy - here are my favorites of the current H&M collection. I cannot WAIT to be over there and fill my suitcase with goodies!!!

I have been looking and failing to find a great pair of washed black pants. The tears are an extra plus! EUR 40

the only colourful piece that I would gladly put in my shopping cart. EUR 30

this would just be awesome for work. adds a little charm to the plain black long sleeve. EUR 15

this will be a staple in spring! I am in love with the shape! EUR 25

YES! These and skinny jeans. Love love love. EUR 40

one of those pieces you can't really walk past. chuck a white flowy top underneath and you got yourself an outfit. And it's jersey, so no sweating :) EUR 20

aaand more patent. because I can. EUR 30

Ok, this is THE piece that made me start going through their website in the first place. What an absolute beauty of a jacket. Clearly H&M had a similar piece in their x Marni collaboration collection and thought: We can rip this off ourselves and sell it for less than half price! et VOILA, a piece I will definitely try to get my hands on in a months time! I am now having this vision of combining the patent skirt, boots and this jacket. Michael Jackson style.  EUR 40

...and last but not least. I refuse to board the plane home without this on me! EUR 7

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If one can trust the rumours going around they are going to open stores in Australia at the beginning of next year. Since Zara has opened stores in Melbourne and Sydney, I am sure that's where H&M will settle for their first stores. So it's half yay half nay for me. But even if they make it over the big pond I am afraid the mark up will be as off-putting as it is in Zara. Some garments are double the price here than they are in Europe. Pretty cheeky.

Ah well...