August 26, 2012

August 26: Beach house

Sundays are pretty special to me.
Back in the day I used to just recover from major nights out or bore myself to death, but these days I just love them. When you turn into an adult you learn to appreciate one day of the week to explore, chill out or just go for a nice meal somewhere. And since I don't drink much alcohol or party a lot here, I usually get to enjoy every minute to the fullest!

This morning Dan and I went down the Gold Coast to have breakfast and enjoy the beach. We went to 3 Sixty in Labrador and were lucky to get a table. It was absolutely full with crowds varying from families to hungover faces to a very interesting 'Hulk Logan' - lookalike.
As for the was great. Fresh, salty smoked salmon, great quality eggs....
Ok, let's face it. We had to wait over 40 minutes for our breakfasts. It tasted delicious but not delicious enough to make up for a 40 minute wait.
I'm curious to find out if we were just unlucky or if the waiting times are like that all the time.

Ah well...after we had filled our bellies we went on to explore the beach a little. Turns out it's still Australian winter though so the swimmers were left at home. I spent around 10 minutes filling up little crab holes with sand and then watching them magically re-appear. Ahh..the simple pleasures in life.

Oh yeah, and for the first time in 6 months I was BARE-LEGGED! Seriously hoping I got a tan since I did a bit of the old up-skirt-action all the way home in the car. You know...when you pull your skirt up so your thighs can tan! The challenge is to pull your skirt down in time for all the passing truck drivers NOT to see your bright pink underpants.

On the way home we stopped at Pacific Fair, which was rather unexciting. I stocked up on good music though. Lykke Li. Any. Time. Of. The. Farking. Day.

Late afternoon brought a chill so I put on my Gorilla coat and knee socks.
Skirt: Dotti $ 50, Sleeveless button up: Ally $ 20 on sale, Cardi: Xenia in Westend $ 42 on sale, Kneesocks: eBay $ 2.

We sat through the entire "Five Year Engagement" movie last night. It was a horrific experience. I love the cast but went for SO long and became a real burden to watch towards the end. While certainly funny at times, I wouldn't want to watch this movie again. Hopefully Emily Blunt and Jason Segel team up for another movie sometime because they acted so well together. I imagine if they reproduce their offspring would be the perfect mix of comedian/actor with a terrific British accent.

Tomorrow will be the start of week No 2 of Rushfit. I can already see definition in my arms, abs and back. Hopefully my thighs are going to follow soon!
Waaahhh.... Aaaaand I'm off. xxx