August 13, 2012

August 13: DIY monday

Had a productive day off today, so I started studding one of my envelope clutches:
far from perfect but ah well...I believe charming is the word!
Dan got me this nana bag at Lifeline for four dollars. I added the strap. It's awesome. Now I just need to figure out how to incorporate a white bag into my wardrobe. D'oh.

Directions arrived from the UK and I put some lilac on my tips. Now this shade works totally differently from all the colours I previously tried. It's very subtle and thin and even though I left it in for about 30 minutes, it didn't stain half as thoroughly as richer colours in half the time. There was also hardly any excess colour when I washed it out. It's very grey-ish and subtle so perfect for work, but I really wanted a more candy coloured pastel effect. Maybe I'll try mixing it with some of the blue and pink and see what happens. Oh yeah, and I got a tub of green dye too. Fun times!!!