August 21, 2012

August 21: Tough shit and a unicorn

Day two of Rushfit and I can't walk stairs without yelling out in pain. I even woke up a few times during the night because I was so sore.
So does that mean it's working?

The only part of my body I don't feel pain in just yet are my abs, but since Day 3 awaits me with a whole set of abdominal and core strengthening this is about to change. Wish me luck, dear friends.

Since most of my co-workers immune systems are somewhat collapsing/giving in to spew bugs, I had the pleasure of working for 8 days straight, while fighting off a virus myself. See, working 8 days straight in customer service is somewhat psycho. But anyway, today was my last shift so when I closed the shop and went to my car earlier, I felt such an awesome feeling of relief. Note to self: Never EVER feel relieved ever AGAIN! You see, in order to leave the car park at work I need to scan my parking card twice. And SOMEHOW after I scanned it for the first time this evening, it disappeared. Into a slot below the radio. I have no idea whatsoever how I could have possibly placed the card into a 2 mm slot without looking and without feeling any resistance. It just glided into the damn slot. And even though I pride myself with how skillful this ridiculous task was operated, I ended up stuck in the car park at the end of my 8th shift in a row, with a raging headache, crying in the car, on the phone to my husband, trying to rip out the radio.
Long story short I completely destroyed the radio and much to my dislike this didn't bring me an inch closer to my parking card. I finally had to ask Dan to come and help me out. After having to take half of the interior out and scarring his arm for life, my knight in shining armor held up my stupid plastic staff parking card and told me to NEVER do this again. And that I owed him a radio.
Fair enough.

So the moral of this story: Don't EVER think that shit can't get worse. It almost ALWAYS does.

Anyway, all day I felt the strong urge to re-watch this movie. It's probably one of the most traumatic children's movies and the animation is pretty scary, don't you think?
But the soundtrack is beautiful and hey, it's about unicorns so what's not to like? Unicorns! Anyone?