August 30, 2012

August 30: Part of me

Yes, the title is a reference to Katy Perry and her documentary. Wowzers. I watched it yesterday in my PJs and was quite frankly mesmerized. I mean, here she is, this dorky girl who becomes a total superstar. I am not sure why critics slashed it. I thought it was pretty well made. Sure you won't be watching the Katy Perry movie if you're not a fan/not interested in celebrities in general. Well, I am a fan and have been ever since I saw her life during my graduation party in 2009. She was wearing next to nothing and kissed a girl and a boy (a boy I felt the urge of kissing just for the sake of quasi-having kissed KP haha. Ah youth!) on stage. She sang and didn't miss a note and played the freaking guitar like some sort of a hero. She was entertaining and authentic and funny and I loved every single minute of her show. And yeah, the story line isn't MAJOR but I found it really interesting to see how a big world tour works behind the scenes, how much practicing and working out is involved, what kind of toll it takes on someone's body and mind (..and relationships, obviously) and most of all I loved Katy perform. She is also one of the only women that isn't afraid to show everyone how she looks without the wigs, make-up and sparkly dresses. Oh, and her nana is just amazing! Just the type of crazy old lady I want to become.

So yeah, after I watched it I felt a sense of major insignificance. I had this whole: "Oh my god look at her life and then compare it to mine" panic attack you get when you see or read about someone else's success story. Or maybe it's just me who gets it.

So after beating myself up all day about whether or not to change my whole existence in order to pursue something I don't really want (fame) or don't really need (glittery boob-rotating costumes, albeit AWESOME!!!) I realised I just need to take it easy on myself.

Society is SO success orientated and seriously, I have had enough. I only have to make myself happy, I don't have to please anyone else. It's perfectly fine for me to have a small blog and a small wallet (not really, I have a massive wallet. A massive empty wallet. Haha) and a rusty car. I still fucking love my life and enjoy it every day.

I wake up in a country that's still so strange to me in so many ways. The first thing I hear in the morning are weird bird noises (I mean, fuck, have you ever listened to a Kookaburra? It's INSANE! It sounds like a copulating monkey!), summer is just amazing here and the beach makes my heart skip a beat it is so fantastic. I might not work my dream job, but to be honest, I don't even know what that is right now. I change my mind every day and that's, in a way, a good thing. As long as I can work hard and get appreciation for it, I am happy.  I share my life with someone I truly love, that I respect and that I know feels the same way about me. That is a gift in itself. I am as close as ever to my family and my best friends. To stop by at home every 12 months and have a feeling of never having left is just a feeling TOO good to describe.

So yeah, my message today is the following.
Your life is probably pretty great, you just need to point out the obvious for yourself sometimes.
Oh yeah, and watch the Katy Perry movie. It's so charming!!!!

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