August 29, 2012

August 29: Puberty blues

For all my non-Aussie readers, this show recently aired on Australian television and it is TRAUMATIZING!
It looks super harmless but it's actually a really heavy drama about coming-to-age. Man, there are a lot of things that get channeled in the episodes every wise woman tries to suppress. And even though some of the things are extremely 70ies (no sexual education, gender roles, not to forget the ridiculousness of a moustache), a lot of topics are just general shit every teenager has to go through.
Oh and speaking o sex ed. People still don't know shit. It makes me feel so sad and I really want to change something about that.

Are there any sex ed blogs out there for teenagers? And I am talking about blogs that aren't just about strippers and escorts supposedly living a glamorous life.
I mean. When I was a kid all we had were dodgy magazines telling us how to do stuff (the wrong way, I may say) and the occasional weird talk to Mum or Dad. These days there should be some sort of sex ed blog accessible for teenagers, right?
If not..well...there's a niche market right thurr...

Anyway, watch puberty blues. You can watch the original on youtube. The remake is available to watch here . Don't know if this is available outside of Oz but it shouldn't take too long for it to pop up on youtube. :)
If you're a feminist make sure you have a stress ball handy. You will want to
punch the TV at some stage.