January 31, 2012


You know that feeling when you had a workout and
it was just plain bullshit.
Like all the old birds around you were capable of so much more
than you were and you were just about to start crying
when the girl with the shoulder injury was able to plank for longer
than you were??

Then my question to you is:

Give yourself a good doing over on the treadmill?
Start a starvation program for the rest of the week?
Train your abs like a muthafucka?
Go home and eat your body weight in NicNacs?
There must be some big secret behind motivation
and I know the people who regularly go to the gym
without admitting to having a bad sess once in a while
are hoarding it!
Selfish bastards.

I myself treated the issue as follows: I started with a big hate date in front of the mirror and
then lost it over something litte and ended up feeling really good afterwards.
What a fucking nutcase scenario, right?
There must be something wrong with me.

But anyway....
we went to a mate's house today, who is pretty much the owner
of a zoo (dragons, snakes, dogs, cats, fish, turtles, parrots, rabbits, etc.)and
had a big spring cleaning/drinking/playing with animals/food orgie - session on.

It was SO much fun, besides the moment when the dog ate cat poo, but other than
that it was REALLy fun!!! Now I'm drunk and my body is craving a gallon of glacier water and
some vitamins (and greasy french fries) to break down all the sangria and vodka pineapple I poured down my gob all afternoon.

Yay!! Off to work again tomorrow.
What size were you after??