February 01, 2012

1 month down, 11 to go

Surprisingly I made it through month one without bailing and failing.
I have to admit, due to technical difficulties two of the posts were not uploaded until the next day, but
that doesn't really lower the effort, does it? ;)

So here's a quick summary of January 2012:

  • went to Prague, Venice, Berlin and Hamburg, oh and of course I was in Austria for half the month and then went to Brisbane. That makes 5 countries on two continents in the first two weeks of the year. Not bad. Not good either. Many more to come!!!
  • was on a massive trip with my handsome husband and we are still married (ha ha)
  • Saw my family this year! YAY!
  • Had a great time celebrating my sisters birthday (photos to follow) on the 14th with all my and my bro-in-law's siblings. Tons of food and alcohol and the vibe was just amazing.
  • Cuddled too many dogs to even count
  • found my training mojo again
  • cleaned out my closet
  • cleaned out my 'friends'
  • have taken off my make up every night (I know most of you probs do, but it's so much flipping effort! The improvement in my complexion is totally worth it though!)
  • am back to using my Clarisonic regularly
  • have had cafe-style frothy milky coffees every morning thanks to my great mum-in-law who spoils us regularly with awesome stuff (like a coffee maker and a milk frother)
  • talking to super old school friends and remembering good old times
  • food cravings (especially chips)
  • emotional outbursts (and I had a lot of them this month, I blame it on the jet lag haha)
  • Haven't read a single book this month (me, uneducated)
  • I left the lights on in the car and had to ring Dan to save me. Sorry again!! :)
  • Stepped on a gecko egg and killed the little fella. It was still moving around :(
  • Have acquired, but not listened to most of the new records (not even El Camino!!)
  • I have caught myself being jealous of other people's things

So in an approach to shorten the DON'T list for this month, I have started taking photos of things I appreciate, to remind me how good life is! It's mostly little things, things I come across when I do household tasks or when I get home from work or things I am excited for but don't quite realise it, because they are so common and little.


getting up that 10 mins earlier in the morning, to drink frothy coffee and enjoying the first rays of sun on the back patio

curly wurly thing that looked weird and wonderful when the sun hit the roof. makes me happy!

Let's all be mindful this month!!
Happy February!