February 14, 2012

Day 14: love for myself

Fact: Valentine's day is contributing to the high divorce rates, by making people believe that it is sufficient to be nice to your partner for a single day out of the year.

Well...I just made this up, but this is gonna be my contribution to this commercialised nonsense. Ok, ok, florists have to make a living somehow, but fuck me, of what sort of use are flowers to ANYONE?? You have to bring out a vase, change the water, they attract bugs and make a mess when they die (which, in a way, is quite depressing in itself). They're basically like a pet dog you have to take care of!
Give me a cactus in a pot over a bunch of flowers anytime!

So here's what I did today:
1) As you can see, I don't really give two shits about the current: "everyone is lactose intolerant, quit dairy" - hype. Mhmhm, pink smoothie

2) What's better than a pink berry smoothie? That's right, preparing in this pink beauty with superpowers!!

3) ooohhh yeah, I make them vegans jelly!

4) I also had a chance to sort throuh our souvenirs today. These are all postcards from Prague. Well, the first one is more something like 'boobs in a card'. Anyway....

5)....here are the boobs

6) actual card

7) another card

8) and another one

                                                                      9) Oh Prague, you beauty!