February 25, 2012

Day 24: stop motion MAGICKA!!!

found in booom's archive.Boooom must be the best blog ever!

The statement that made my day today: 'I had a friend and she gave birth to her first child the other day. How I know, you wonder? Well, she thought the most important thing 4 hours after pushing out a human lump is to put a photo of it on facebook. How fukd?'

She has since not logged onto facebook for other reasons than to check if I'm  online, so we can close said social networking site and go on skype to have a real conversation about real things.

And honestly: Social networking is wasting my time too! I should really start logging on only once every two days, instead of several times a day (including before breakfast, gross).
My time would be better spent on a treadmill!!

Now: Off to work. My intuition says it's gonna be a long day.