February 27, 2012

Day 27: Princess Polly and a lack of computing skills

So everyone keeps telling me about Princess Polly and to be honest I've never been to any of their shops (even though they're quite great as I just found out and have their head office in the Brisbane valley).

There are litterally swarms  of girls coming into the shop every day who are wearing Princess Polly from head to toe and I have always wondered about the price class - so I went and visited their online store today. Holy moly, the shit is good. They have beautiful designs and a pretty great and unique mission statement (if maybe a bit fluffy) and with most of their dresses priced at $ 70 (and some sort of lay-by option with a $ 20 deposit to hold possibility instore I have yet to check out) it is also quite affordable.
The only thing that bothered is the concept of having everything super short, super tight and obviously made for real skinnies only. Blaming Princess Polly would be a mega fail though, it seems every dress I buy recently can only be worn with tights (tights in Australian summer, fuck my life!) because I'm generally not a fan of rocking out with my shit hanging out but the hemline is generally two inches away from my crotch, which doesn't leave a lot of room to play with.

 My neighbour got flashed SO many times yesterday when I hung out the laundry, she and her children left their back yard and went inside. So one tells me....

Their sizes range from 6 - 12 so one should think curvier girls shouldn't have problems fitting into the clothes, but can you imagine this on a chunky lady?

But anyway, I spent around 15 minutes on their website and was already potentially spending more than $ 400 before I closed the browser.

Here are a couple of things I put in my basket:

 I wish some of their models wouldn't look so super grumpy though! Watch out, evil face!
I will go clean my dirty house now (inspection tomorrow, boo!) and post the fruits of yesterday's creativity attack  later on today. Stay tuned.

(all products are available on http://www.princesspolly.com.au/ they offer international shipping for $ 25 yay)