February 10, 2012

Day 10: Escaping Passive Aggressivstan

So work has been full on and very shit I have to add. Working with the most passive aggressive power tripper and arsehole at the moment and I am counting down the days until I have my shop back in good old suburbia! Boo you city! You are full of dip shits!
Good for me I was out by 3 pm today so I actually got to do something outside of the usually frequented 'house or gym or supermarket' - area.

Dan and I went to West End to have a look around the little boutiques. I was hoping to get something nice from the usually EPIC $ 10 rack but all the backpackers must've already gotten the good stuff. Pretty disappointing but anyway, I spent the money on food instead. West End is the place in Brisbane that reminds me most of St Kilda and I instantly feel comfy and homey when I'm there. Bookshops, little boutiques, cafes, live music venues, fruit markets, second hand shops and vintage fashion and all the nice little eatieries! YUMAMOTO!!!

We went to our favourite Chinese place outside the Chinese suburb: JACKPOT NOODLES! If you ever want to taste heaven, try their BBQ-Pork-buns. Sweet and doughy on the outside, spicy and meaty on the inside! A yummy marriage of utter deliciousness!
bbq pork buns, oh I love you!!

second best thing in Australia are Bundaberg drinks. ANY flavour, really!

chicken in black bean sauce for a mere $ 6.50

Wonton and bbq beef noodle soup. YUM!

Speaking of the word utter, I should use it more often.
Also on the list: extraordinary, picturesque, fantastic, hence, mere,
On the 'don't let this word escape your mouth again' are: fuck, shit, awesome, amazing, oh, my, god, sooooo + adjective

Happy 10th February everyone!!
Good night