February 27, 2012

Day 27-2: I'm a blob.

In my head this was an amazing 5 minute movie with dolphins and dragons and catdogs but I lost interest really quickly (so typical..) and just left it like that. Next weekend, however, I will do one with a script and stuff. Not just standing there thinking: "hum, what next..."
Me, clueless. ALSO: Note to myself: learn how to use the focus on your camera.

this is gonna take me years so don't expect a further update on that one any time soon. I'm sure it'll look amaza-poise when it's done though.

So much for now! New shoes in this weeks so stay tuned if you're a girl or a boy who likes wearing/looking at heels.
As a matter of fact, you can get your very own pair of Lita heels on solestruck. For men. In men sizes. For men. I repeat. For men.

Ok now, moving on form this one....

I went to Stones Corner which is a part of Brisbane that used to blossom and be full of great outlet stores and nice fine eateries and charming artsy cafes etc. etc. You get the idea.
In recent years it has become very unpopular (and maybe a bit unsafe..who knows) with a lot of shops and gastronomy going out of business but I went there again today with Dan and we were really surprised about how it is starting to flourish again. We met Ursula from UrsaLady Creations and she is the quirkiest and loveliest girl I met in a long long time. She has this Vintage/Rockabilly store that opened 12 weeks ago and makes her own jewellery as well as rents out shelves so local artists can reach an audience outside online shopping. Now I am not into Rockabilly fashion that much anymore (even though I have tattoos and a great interest in burlesque and think it's a wonderful and tasteful way to rip your clothes off in front of strangers without this whole hassle with the police...) but she has some darn good stuff and promised me, there would be some cateye glasses in any time. On top of that she stocks a pretty amazing Melbournian designer. Velvet shorts that look like PJs anyone?

Another highlight at SC is Lady Marmalade. Now if you live in Oz and have a TV you probably know the show My kitchen rules and surprisingly the two owners of said cafe were in one of the 35 seasons produced over the last 2 years and were portrayed as douche bags. But you know..reality TV always cuts and pastes at the wrong spots and they turn out to be delightful in real life. Their cafe is filled with all sorts of vintage fiends (today I spotted their stuffed peacock for the first time) and their food can be best described as organic deliciousnes and taste-sensational. Now with all small hipster eateries you can expect your lunch to be a bit pricier than "Subway" but holy moly, it's worth it. Just ask my taste buds!

Here's proof I didn't make above story up (aka I took photos)

Orange and passionfruit juice. And how good are the table tops?? Who WOULDN'T love looking at Winston 'the handsome' Churchill while brunching? Is anyone faking a British accent yet? Cause I am.  Magnificent!!!

this was delicious! So many tastes, colours and consistencies. Wrap it up in bread and go "om nom nom"

Ahaha, I just saw how pleased and full Dan looks in this photo! May i draw your attention away from my husband and onto the interior of the store. And did you spot the stuffed peacock yet?

Milk bar

See the images on the chairs? I sat on Shakespear today. It was quite a delight!

This sounds good but how many avocados do they throw in to justify the $ 3.50?

Enough for today!
Good night!