February 25, 2012

Day 25: retail therapy worries me!

When I was still in school and had a quite major allowance for my age and the fact I didn't have to worry about food, bills and rent, I used to save a little and spend a lot. Most of it went towards clothes, live music, going out and shoes. I don't know why I then felt that getting drunk at the same pub, wearing new shoes and clothes was a more worthy addition to my life than saving some of it to put towards travelling. I definitely regret not making use of long weekends, hopping on a train and visiting places I could've easily and inexpensively reached. Now that I live in Oz-io, I have a beach and palm trees and I am quite frankly loving it, but I just wish I could've crossed more off 'the list' before I moved!
The places I want to visit include but aren't limited to:

Eisenstadt (ok, this is not on top of the list, but I just wanna go there once to say I've been there..)




You get wiser as you get older they say...

So when I serve hundreds of people a day who I watch spending money on stuff they think will provide them with a feeling of completion and satisfaction, it makes me wonder. When did the term 'retail therapy' pop up first and how come so many people answer 'shopping' when asked how they spend their free time? And how is this going to effect people long term? Say, if you refuse to show your kids alternatives for spending your free time than going to the mall on a Saturday afternoon (or even worse, handing them a 100 dollar bill and sending them off so they can change into butt shorts, see-through tops and heels in the mall toilet and make out with their bfs in fitting rooms), what are they going to show their children? Let's face it, everyone from my generation and under will end up obese and with a shopping and online shopping addiction. POW-POW!!!

Don't get me wrong, spending money on crap is what created my job and I like buying stuff from time to time too. I just don't see it as something that defines my life or who I am!! Remember that sweater you bought two years ago? NO? But do you remember the trip to London from two years ago? I betcha you do!

Imma go live my life now!
Good night!