February 17, 2012

Day 16: why there is so much food on here

So, I have noticed I have been blogging about a lot of solids and liquids I tend to put in my belly, rather than superluxurious, glamourous stuff like...for expamle...diamonds, shoes or vintage clothes or whatever.

Well, here's the deal:
Besides fuel, bus fare and the occasional water bottle I don't really purchase anything. Why? you wonder. Well, no money. At least at the moment. I am THE coin piglet of coin piglets at the moment and every dollar I find on the floor goes straight into my pink moneyeating sow.

And while there are the following things on my shopping list at the moment:

(you get the idea.....shoes and gadgets, shoes and gadgets...it's always the same...)

...I am just a girl with a too empty wallet, to get or do anything exciting.

There is, however, a DIY amaza-poise Peter Pan collar tutorial coming up (haha, as IF you haven't watched 1000 of them, but I might as well take some photos when I make my first one tonight)
And to end this post with a title-related photo, here last night's "I am strictly sticking to a healthy diet"-dinner.

homemade of course. cuz Imma cheap muthafucka!