February 13, 2012

Day 13: Productivity, my friend!!

via etsy.com

Oh god, had a massive etsy.com attack today and went through the taste test about 300 times. Besides craving every single weird item, painting and photograph I crave being creative myself SO BAD!!!
On a less whingy and more productive note I finished another assignment for my course today and started on another Tutorial. If  I keep on going on this amazingly speedy pace I might even finish it before my birthday. Would be nice to get my qualification at 21. I suppose it would make me feel less guilty about not having a bachelor degree yet. But what is a degree worth anyway if there are no jobs around...

Lady Gaga tickets went on sale today for her Born this way Ball 2012 world tour. Tickets are 183 bucks for decent seats and just the stage set up as per her Twitter looks like it'll be worth every cent. Am still waiting around on how the whole money and job situation is going to work out but I would really like to go.

Also on my list of things I would like right now:

  • Kindle touch
  • whatever Samsung phone with that awesome camera  on it
  • Ipad
  • bright pink H&M on sale skirt (whoops, just bought it...haha)
  • being able to eat tons of lollies every day without nausea and weight gain
  • Ryan Gosling to be my husbands best mate

Good night everyone!!