February 29, 2012

Day 29: It's like this day doesn't even exist!!!

So, February 29th?

I didn't know public transport was free all day today in Brisbane so that
was a pleasant surprise. The charming busdriver even drew a little smiley face
onto the post it note that said: 'Free travel: ONCE EVERY FOUR YEARS'
(I like how he clarified the 'once every four years' in advance!!) haha

My day in fast forward: touching old grandma legs and spotting all sorts of rank stuff in the toilets at Myer Centre (I'm not going to go into detail, but the 6 weeks I have been back working in the city I have experienced the worst toilet moments of my life...girls are pigs), giggling over German girls saying nasty stuff, thinking  I don't understand, trying on and putting on hold 6 pairs of shoes, staring at a girl's boobs so obviously she blushed (it wasn't my fault, I just thought her top was great!),  cutting my finger on the key on close so I bled everywhere (I'm awesome) and having old mate from centre management help me close the doors, followed by being super paranoid on the way to my car (I always am though, I am one of those people who play robbery scenarios etc in their heads in the worst moments!!! Need.  to . see. doctor.)

I came home to Dan watching Chapelle's show and damn, I must have seen it about 2000 times by now but still wee my panties.
I love me some political incorrectness sometimes. Very self-ironic too. And there's as much swearing as on my blog!! Yay!!!

And look at what just went on sale at sportsgirl.com.au

oh me likey. onto me now!!!

I have been eyeing off some collar tips for a while and thought I would get a pair from nelly.com while overseas, but sort of forgot and didn't really pay a lot of attention to online shopping because the actual shopping was amazing enough!

I came back with about 5 button up collared shirts so thought I might as well invest in a pair of shiny metal goodness.

Found these beauties for around $ 12 Australian on Ebay and I was SOLD straight away:
the seller was from Texas. So cliché I kill me, as Alf would say.

the shirt and choker are from Europe, bag is from a toy shop (yes, toy shop) at Stones Corner form years ago, collar tips Ebay

I have also been spending some time at http://beginningboutique.com.au/ lately.
That's where I spotted the mirror belt trend first.
image via backstage.bigcartel.com check them out! the belt pictured above is a smart USD 22 and they offer international shipping. they rip off a LOT of designer jewellery and it looks pretty well-made!
They were out of stock when I felt the urge of calling one my own so I thought Sportsgirl would be a safe bet to get one, but I wasn't really fussed on spending $ 50 on a seasonal trend so I just got one from Ebay. It's quite sad I can't remember what colour I ordered it in, but I think it was a golden one. Or something. Haha.

Anyway, tomorrow: DAY OFF! Good for me. Really have to get my writing cranking. Assignments and other stuff.

Oh jello, you never let me down.
Good night!