February 11, 2012

Day 11: Sweet disposition

Watched '500 days of summer' last night and I am still very frustrated about the way the story ends. Damn, I really wanted him to get the girl. I first watched the movie on a qantas flight from Melbourne to Auckland and since then I had some sort of a love-hate relationship with the movie. Back then I was unhappily in love, or more crushing I suppose, and I could totally relate to the poor guy. I also remember craving cigarette smoke real bad, and the plane food was not edable. So much for that :)
The best thing about the movie is the Soundtrack though.
I could listen to 'Sweet Dispositions' forever!!

Since work is boring and undemanding I have started a little people study.
Today's results:
I hate everyone!

Hmhm. Might have been more a self-study than people study. 
Anyway, here are some work related photos:

old skool: everyone showing everyone some love, at the old shop

old skool: dirty duster man

old skool: india should become an artist!

old skool: post it dragon with glitter moustache

new shit: the smell and sight of old sushi awaits us in the staff room, cuz everyone's so fucking considerate

yummy lunch. I love pretzels!

new shit: old tea sitting on the desk for a week or so now. the only thing that keeps me from vomitting is the little man/pingu thing on the cup. It smiles at me.

avocado and silver tinsel nailpolish turned vomit. unintentionally. It seemed like a good idea at first.

shitting on the dress code and running around in ripped stockings like a some sort of whore.